#20164 Real time notifications

Fieldwire announces real-time task notifications to keep contractors in the know and on track, no matter where they are.

With Fieldwire, you can rest assured, knowing you’re always on the same page as your trades in the field. Whenever a task is updated, completed, or reassigned, you’ll be alerted in real-time — via email or mobile push notification — as will everyone else involved with that task.

With Fieldwire’s real-time task notifications, tracking issues from start to finish has never been so easy! If punch items or safety hazards suddenly arise, you can create a task for it and assign it to the right subcontractor for immediate attention. They’ll be notified in seconds so that projects continue to progress.

Best of all, if a task is about to run overschedule, you’ll be automatically notified to step in and make adjustments before it’s too late. This prevents you from incurring significant project delays which have real costs.

“With Fieldwire’s real-time functionality, I can markup a deficiency on the fourth floor, go down to the second floor, get notified that the issue has already been fixed on the fourth floor, and then verify it – all from my iPhone in minutes.”

Stefan Gonari, Quality Control Coordinator, Graham Construction

To avoid loss incurred from miscommunication, use Fieldwire tasks instead of emails and calls. Add comments, photos, and files to tasks to communicate progress in real-time. Every contractor involved with that task will be notified in seconds, ensuring projects stay on track and nothing important slips through the cracks.

Fieldwire, the #1 construction management platform for the field, announces real-time task notifications to keep contractors on track and in the know. Click to schedule a demo.

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