It’s December, which means most of us are knee-deep in preparation for the holidays. Father Time is also right around the corner, ready to usher in January, so it can be a bit hectic finding a moment to reflect back on what we’ve accomplished when we’re so focused on what lies ahead. But we at Fieldwire wanted to make sure we found time to share that moment with you. It’s the tremendous contributions of you and all of our users that really fueled our passion to innovate and expand our scope. So join us for this moment to take a look back at all the growing we did together this year, and give 2015 a proper send-off.

We saw a lot of welcome growth this year, both domestic and abroad. As of right now, Fieldwire has fostered over 35,000 construction projects in over 100 countries across more than 1,000 enterprises. Those numbers are both exciting and humbling, and will serve as a deep reservoir of encouragement that we’ll be diving right into in 2016. It’s important to our team to offer a product that not only modernizes fieldwork, but alleviates a lot of the unnecessary strain that many of you had to accept in this industry. When we see growth like this over only a year’s time, it tells us that we’re hitting those goals and you’ve taken notice. Steady adoption of Fieldwire on job sites around the world isn’t just a feather in our cap, it’s validation that we’re improving your day-to-day operations. Nothing gets us motivated like making your day better!


And motivated we are, so much so that we’ve had to recruit some new blood to meet the needs of our big community. We doubled our employee size in 2015, welcoming some talented, driven men and women into the fold. It makes sense that we’d need to grow ourselves to match the sharp rise in users, and hopefully you’ve noticed some of the benefits that our new colleagues have brought to the table - better support, faster updates, and improved design tailored to your much-appreciated feedback. Because of your continued trust, we’ve been able to bolster our team significantly and are set to double in size yet again in the coming year.

There are also some hefty product updates coming early in 2016, another advantage of our added firepower. We want to make sure you’re always getting the best, most useful version of Fieldwire available, and your input helps guide our efforts in the right direction. This past year has seen quite a number of app updates for both Android and iOS, and we’re already hard at work on the next batch. Keep sending us your ideas and feature requests, as we consider each and every one and often base our updates on them. After all, who better to help steer our evolution than you, the one using Fieldwire each day?

Your feedback has already cemented our resolve to go even further. We recently sent out a brief survey asking for your opinion on the utility of Fieldwire, and we received some great responses:


Over 94% of participants said Fieldwire saves them a significant amount of time on their projects - about 5 hours every week. 61% say they sign in multiple times throughout the day, and best of all, 100% of survey contributors say they’d recommend Fieldwire to other folks in the industry. We are tremendously appreciative to receive this kind of support.

2015 has been quite a landmark year, one that we’re very proud of, and it’s built a solid foundation for a stellar 2016. Our team has big plans in store for further developing Fieldwire’s capabilities, streamlining your daily workload, and most importantly, continuing to build a strong rapport with you. It’s important to take a moment and look back at the road you traveled, as it helps you understand where you’re going next, and we definitely have a good feeling about the direction we’re headed. We wish you the happiest of holidays, and look forward to getting back to work with you in the new year!

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