One of the main evils that we strive to snuff out here at Fieldwire is the lack of communication and organization on construction projects. Being able to stay in touch with your team and have access to important job files throughout the day is essential to every worker on every site around the world. We have been fortunate to join with partners who share our passion for boosting customer efficiency, and one such partner who excels at this is Dropbox.


By utilizing technology like Dropbox and Fieldwire, you never have to worry about having your documents in order and sharing them with others. Best of all, with seamless integrations like 2-way syncing, files stay up-to-date with minimal effort and maximum effect for everyone involved with the project. Dropbox recently highlighted the major impact partnerships like ours can have on the construction industry, which you can read here. Our own CEO, Yves Frinault, also weighs in on the benefits of modern construction management in the blog post.

Collaboration and organization will never again be worries on your job site with Dropbox and Fieldwire in your pocket!

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