2-Way Collaboration with Fieldwire and Box

DavidroundDavid Vasquez
Head of Customer Support

Technology continues to change the face of the construction industry with each passing day. You've probably heard us say this many times before, and indeed Fieldwire is living proof of this positive movement. Mobile collaboration and cloud-based document management are making daily workloads more achievable and streamlined, but rather than take our word for it, have a look at the testimony of one of our closest partners - Box!


Fieldwire has built seamless integration with Box for all your file storage and uploading needs. Earlier this year, we took that smooth integration one big step further by developing 2-way syncing capability in order to make document control even easier to handle. By pairing Fieldwire's plan and file management systems with Box's ample storage functionality, construction firms can distribute information and keep updated data in circulation easier than ever before. Revisions, as-builts, photos, and other key files will always be in your hands thanks to our partnership.

You can read more about how this is achieved, and how you can benefit from the same integration, in this article.

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