Streamlining Construction Operations with Fieldwire and Dropbox

DavidroundDavid Vasquez
Head of Customer Support

Here at Fieldwire, we always like to champion the convenience and efficiency that mobile construction management technology can offer. It's why we do what we do, after all! And it's always rewarding to hear success stories from our community about how using Fieldwire helped them achieve these improvements. An example of one such success story was recently published by Computerworld.


Built is a large and diversified construction company based in Australia, and Fieldwire has been privileged to work with them on their projects. Through our task-centric project management and plan viewing app, the Built team has been able to streamline their work and modernize the entire construction process. By pairing Fieldwire with another file management service, Dropbox, they're able to use Fieldwire with other programs that aren't natively connected. This clever leverage of technology only makes Built's day-to-day workflow run even smoother.

You can read about how Built is making great use of Fieldwire, Dropbox, and other project services in the article here.

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