Here are the key updates for February so that you can get the most out of Fieldwire on your product. Enjoy!

imageBlueprint version control

You can specify both a sheet # and title on sheets (ex: A1.1 - 2nd floor) as well as individual version description and notes when uploading files.

imageCustom reports

Create and schedule report templates that will be emailed automatically to your team. And best of all, it has your company logo on it.

imageAndroid updates

Many updates this month. You can finally create products, invite people and upload plans directly from your device.

imageTask productivity tracking

We are rolling out effort tracking (Manpower and Cost) at the task level, because to improve something, you need to first measure it.

imageCloning tasks

Work on site can be pretty repetitive sometimes, the least we can do is make it effortless. With task cloning, you never need to create the same task twice.

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