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Sure, both Fieldwire and PlanGrid are software tools for construction teams — technology that can help you manage work. You know this: That’s why you’re looking for something to improve your productivity and save you money.

But you may not know that only Fieldwire is built specifically for contractors from the ground up, enabling you to plan, manage, and prove work proactively. While PlanGrid may help you resolve issues after they happen, only Fieldwire can help you avoid them in the first place.

The difference between Fieldwire and PlanGrid

While there are several features that are different between the two platforms, the biggest difference is our understanding of how contractors work.

We believe the person who knows how to run your team best is you, the contractor. Fieldwire is designed to work how you do, not the other way around.

We know how important it is to get ahead of your projects and be proactive about your work instead of having to scramble for incoming requests from your project stakeholders.

We help contractors work proactively. Fieldwire is a flexible and customizable platform that provides real-time visibility into your projects. Construction teams use Fieldwire to plan and manage their jobsites more effectively — and to prove the work was done right.

Fieldwire keeps you, your team, and your trade partners accountable, providing everyone real-time updates and notifications of progress as well as a record of all project work.

The result? Less rework and fewer disputes.

That means less out-of-pocket costs for materials to redo something. It means less time spent fighting off allegations of poor workmanship. It means an exceptional professional reputation and opportunities for more jobs.

And it can mean millions of dollars in saved labor costs annually.

“Using Fieldwire greatly streamlines our project flow. The timely exchange and distribution of information results in far fewer mistakes and oversights by subcontractors and their own teams. That results in less energy expended correcting mistakes and replacing incorrect work. We estimate a 1% average savings. Multiply that by our $280 million in annual volume and you’re talking some real money saved over the course of the year.”

Scott Kurinsky, EVP of Chicago-based general contractor BEAR Construction

Still reading?

Fieldwire is much more than just a plan viewer. For contractors, the ability to proactively manage their teams across projects and customize Fieldwire to streamline their workflows helps them deliver projects on time and under budget.

Fieldwire allows field teams to proactively plan, manage, and prove their work. PlanGrid’s workflows aren’t flexible, limiting contractors and forcing them into reactive ways of working.

With Fieldwire

Fieldwire understands contractors. Fieldwire is designed to work how you do, with special attention on providing you ground truth.

With Fieldwire, you can:

  • Get a clear understanding of the work that your team has done and needs to do across projects with tasks, progress, and schedule views with photos, video, and annotations added on-site, so all stakeholders have up-to-date information no matter where they are and you have more control over how to best manage your business
  • Never get locked out of work due to sheet limits, so you can focus on delivering quality instead of worrying about your sheet count
  • Save time and standardize work across your entire team with the ability to create templated checklists for the most complex and repetitive work you perform — punch, installations, QA/QC, and everything else

Construction teams use Fieldwire to custom-tailor how they manage and view work, to automate reports, and to make annotations on photos and tasks — anywhere, from any device.

“The capabilities of the Fieldwire platform are superior to the likes of PlanGrid. Fieldwire’s task management, customer service, and easy-to-use APIs allow us to use it across the country.”

Carson Kyhl, Co-founder and President, Burnham Nationwide

The Fieldwire team is a part of yours

Our dedicated support teams are made up of seasoned construction professionals with project management expertise — we know what it takes to get stuff done. But it’s your experience and feedback that drives improvement. We’re always striving to make Fieldwire a tool you love.

“We needed a scalable solution and we wanted to work with a construction technology company that we could depend on for a solid product roadmap.”

Brad Moore, VDC Technology Manager, Power Design, who moved $1.4 billion worth of projects from PlanGrid to Fieldwire

With Fieldwire, you have control over your team, the schedule, and the deliverables. Fieldwire works the way you do.

Avoid rework and disputes with Fieldwire — designed with you in mind. Click to schedule a demo.

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