As 2017 draws to a close, we’re getting a little sentimental here at the Fieldwire office. This year has been full of milestones for us, and hopefully for you as well, as each of our great strides is made with the goal of improving your experience using our construction management platform. So before 2018 arrives, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look back at all of the tremendous developments Fieldwire has made in 2017!


Improved Calendar View and Project Dashboard

Way back in January, we started the year off right by making some improvements to existing interfaces. We gave the project dashboard a nice new design and made it so that you could use the calendar view for tasks as far into the future as you like, so scheduling your projects would be easier than ever.


Batch Scale Editing, Task Sorting & Recently Viewed Plans

Batch scaling for plans allowed you to edit the scale for multiple sheets at once on web, and on the mobile apps we added the ability to sort tasks more effectively and pull up recently viewed plans. This makes locating specific sheets and tasks relevant to your work take less time and effort during your workday.


2-Way Syncing with Box and Dropbox

One of the major developments for our Business users was 2-way syncing between Fieldwire and Box/Dropbox. By engaging this powerful syncing tool, keeping up-to-date documents in the hands of your team will never be easier since the updates made in one program automatically transfer over to the other.


Mobile-Friendly Data Management

We prioritized improvements to the mobile Fieldwire experience by adding smart syncing for iOS users and external storage for Android users. Smart synchronization on iOS helps cellular data users download high-resolution versions of files in the absence of WiFi, and external storage on SD cards on Android gives users more options regarding data storage on their mobile devices.


Sheet Comparison & Plan Notifications

Another huge feature update was sheet comparison on web, which allows you to take any two sheets (or two versions of the same sheet) and overlay them, so that you can easily view the differences and even export the comparison as an image file. We also enabled plan update notifications, so you and your team could be easily made aware whenever new markups were added or sheets were uploaded in your project.


Batch Task, Plan & Photo Management

To further make your task and document management convenient, we added a multitude of batch task, plan, and photo management options. Organizing plan tags or descriptions, or mass assigning or updating statuses for tasks, or even batch exporting photos will never be more than a few clicks away on web!


Task Location Field

A small but significant addition to our task system was adding the Location field within every task. This makes it easier to specify where tasks can be found on-site, whether they’re in a certain room, area, floor, or building.


Expanded Markup Editing & Undo Button

A major update from the fall made it possible to edit markups in far more detailed ways. With a simple right click (web) or press-and-hold (mobile), you can easily duplicate or resize markups, as well as change font or color. You can also see who made the markup and at what day and time. Similarly, the new Undo button on the markup toolbar makes it possible to quickly erase any markups made accidentally or worth taking one more shot at.


Reports on Mobile

After many requests from our community, we were very happy to add the ability to send saved report templates from our iOS and Android apps. Now sending out a report from your mobile device is as simple as moving your thumb and will ensure your team receives important updates at any point in the day.


360 Photography

Earlier this month, we released 360 photo capability within Fieldwire, so you can take advantage of this growing trend to capture an entire room or site with one click of a button. We’ve always celebrated technological innovation, so this addition to our suite of tools will surely come in handy on your construction projects.


Growth In-Office & Around the Globe

We wanted to end this yearly wrap-up with a few notable achievements for our company itself. Our team has grown quite significantly this year as we continue to expand in order to meet the needs of our customers. Fieldwire has steadily popped up on more and more job sites, now helping manage over 200,000 projects worldwide, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And to accommodate our growing number of users abroad, we have localized several new languages within our software: Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian!

2017 was a phenomenal year for Fieldwire, and it wouldn’t have been possible without support from all of you out there who place your trust in us each day. Like I said before, we build all of these great features to improve your day-to-day, and we look forward to building even more goodies for you in 2018. Thanks again, and have a happy and safe new year!

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