The early days of spring are here, and there’s more than flowers blooming. We’ve released some exciting new features recently, and wanted to turn your attention toward them just in case you may have missed out! Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you this time around:


Box/Dropbox 2-way Syncing

First up, we have a powerful new feature available for our Business and Enterprise users - Box/Dropbox 2-way syncing! What exactly is it? It’s the ability to automatically sync all file changes made in Fieldwire back to your linked Box or Dropbox account! A new “Fieldwire” folder will appear in your cloud storage to house all of your plans, photos, files, and as builts, and whenever you make changes to them or upload more in Fieldwire, you’ll see them appear in Box/Dropbox as well (and vice versa). To learn more about this new feature, check out our FAQ article and tutorial video about it!


External Android Storage

A powerful new option now available for our Android app users is external data storage. We understand that sometimes projects can run on the large side, so if you need some extra storage space on your Android phone or tablet, it’s now possible to store your files on an SD card! This will help prevent using up all of the device’s main storage space. Plans, file attachments, photos, and videos are just some examples of data that you can now tuck away on an SD card instead of your mobile device. You can switch between device storage and external storage at any time, so to learn more about how to do that, click here.


Plan Notifications

Next, we have a great new feature for all Fieldwire users - plan notifications! Now any time new plan versions are uploaded, or someone adds new markups or other changes to the plans, you will see a notification for this event in the top right corner of your project on the web version of Fieldwire. Notifications will all be sent out once a day at 5 AM (local time), so you're not bombarded with notifications throughout the day. This is a very handy way to keep track of plans with new additions, so everyone knows when there is new plan data to view.


Sheet Version Comparison

Another very useful plan management feature that we recently added is sheet version comparison. This feature is available on all premium Fieldwire accounts, and it allows you to overlap and compare two sheet versions together (one appears in red, the other in blue) so you can get a clear picture of what has changed since the newer version was released. You can read more about how sheet version comparison works by visiting our FAQ article.


Updated Report Templates

Premium Fieldwire users will now also enjoy an updated report template display, which will make it easier to choose which of their task data is actually included in the finished report. Are you creating a Detailed PDF report, but only want to include task photos? Now that, and virtually any other combination of task data, is possible! Just open up your report templates and you’ll see the check items available for each kind of task content based on the report type you choose. Select any or all that you want to see in your report! To read more about generating reports, click here.


Smart Sync on iOS

On iOS, there’s a clever new feature that’s also designed to help save your cellular data - Smart Synchronization! This iOS app setting will be activated by default (but you can switch it off at any time in your Profile Settings) and it will prevent the app from automatically downloading non-plan files, such as photos or videos, in an effort to keep Fieldwire from burning through your device’s data plan. Fieldwire has always automatically downloaded all project files, but now we’re giving iOS users the ability to preserve some space and be more selective with what files they download on their phones and tablets.


That does it for our latest set of new Fieldwire features, but don’t worry if you’re still craving more. We’re always hard at work developing new tools for our web and mobile services, many of which are based on direct feedback from you, our users! We continue to offer a useful app thanks to our hard work and your solid input, so thanks for contributing to Fieldwire’s high standard for quality! When we have more new features to unveil, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, enjoy the spring weather while you’re out in the field!

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