New Year, New Features

You did it! You made it to the future! Welcome, friends. The new year is certainly a time for excitement, and after a long (probably fattening) holiday break, it’s time to dive into some hard work again. The end of 2015 marked some significant milestones for us and hopefully you as well, and much like Santa, Fieldwire comes bearing gifts. We promised some early new features once 2016 arrived, and true to our word, we have more than a few goodies we’d like to share with you. There’s no better way to hit the ground running at the turn of a new year than with some potent additions to the best construction management app in your toolbelt.

First up, there’s now a handy method of identifying dependencies in your projects: related tasks. This new feature allows you to tie tasks together so that your trades are aware that their work either directly affects or is reliant on the completion of another’s. When you open up a task window on the web, you’ll see a section above the Checklists section titled “Related Tasks,” and here you can either create a new task or locate an existing task to tie to the current one. This feature is especially useful for boosting transparency and collaboration among your team and reducing any rework that may have been necessary because certain tasks were completed out of order. So if a patch job can’t get done until another team member finishes up their wire work, or a wall needs taping, mudding, and sanding before it can be painted, there’s no more confusion regarding who needs to do what first in the grand scheme of the project. You can link the tasks together so everyone coordinates appropriately. Related tasks are currently only visible on the web, but will be added to both iOS and Android mobile apps in the future.


We also received a lot of your feedback about editing task comments and photos, and agreed that this was an essential option that we weren’t offering to you in the past. That’s been changed, and project Admins will now have the ability on the web to edit or delete any comments or photos left by their team. When opening the task window and hovering your cursor over a comment or photo, you’ll see a little gear icon appear next to it on the right side of the content. Clicking on that will pull up the editing options, and you can rest easy about any changes since we keep a record of every edit on our end. So if task instructions need to change, or someone leaves a comment or snaps a photo in error, these notes can now be corrected or erased by Admins. You won’t be stuck with them for good, which will help eliminate confusion over botched notes and tidy up your task content.


For those of you with premium accounts, you’ll notice a new coat of paint on our reports. We’ve redesigned their layout and given them a more polished look, so you can concisely examine your project data and share it with others confidently. You’ll notice the difference immediately as everything looks more presentable and professional, and all included content is organized in a much more digestible way. Whether you’re distributing data to a client, passing around metrics for a meeting, or taking a report with you on a walkthrough, you’ll have all of the key information at hand in a comprehensive format. Try generating some fresh reports so you can see the improvements for yourself!


You may have also noticed a change in the Reports page of your projects. It has been relabeled as the Graphs page, and now provides you with some fascinating insights regarding the status of your work. We arrange all of your project data in several useful graphs to give you a quick glimpse at progress metrics, so you can tell the rate and effectiveness of your team’s efforts. Check the flow, completion rate, priority trends, manpower and cost, and in-progress status of every task created in your project in a colorful visual form. These are great for presentations, meetings, and general analysis of how the job is faring thus far. Hovering your cursor over each graph further breaks down the specific numbers in a small overlay, so you can check metrics fast and easily switch between different sets of data. We run Fieldwire using Fieldwire, so we find a lot of use for these graphs to keep an eye on our own productivity. So the next time you visit your project, take a peek at the Graphs page and view your work in a new light.

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We want you to start the year off right, and with these useful new features and revised design, you’ll find it easier than ever to manage your tasks and projects successfully. Your input helped drive just about all of these new additions, so thanks for continuing to help spur Fieldwire forward with ideas for improvements. Our app is meant to streamline your day-to-day operations, so if you ever have requests or feedback on how we can get even better at doing that, we’d love to hear them. There’s more new content in store for the coming year, but we don’t want to spoil you too soon, so enjoy these new features while we continue to prepare the next ones. Take a big bite out of 2016 nice and early!

Fieldwire is free for small teams (up to 15 users) on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We already support 1,000+ companies across 35,000+ projects, and we'd love to work with you!

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