Fieldwire’s partnership with Dropbox has always been successful, not just because they offer a reliable collaboration platform to solve legacy obstacles, but because they share our vision for improving the way content is stored and delivered to construction teams to maximize their productivity. Their recent blog post highlights just how our two companies have come together to make that happen.


The modern content lifecycle is not without its bumps in the road. Architects and clients issue files that then need to be distributed and reviewed by contractors and other stakeholders, in-office and on-site. While the necessity for this information chain is clear, the process of sharing that content is rarely so smooth. Data can get siloed, lost in email threads and binders, and feedback can be sluggish without immediate delivery. Privacy concerns can also be raised with the lack of secure data protection.

Dropbox Business is dedicated to support construction teams in the same way that Fieldwire is - with end-to-end document management and real-time collaboration. It’s this common ideal that has made our partnership such a seamless solution and great value for our joint customers. Drawings, contracts, submittals, photos, and all other project files are securely stored and shared with all relevant team members with speed and clarity. Saved time, increased communication, and undeniable ROI are just some of the regular benefits to be reaped from deploying Fieldwire and Dropbox Business on complex projects.

“Our goal is to connect construction teams with the tools and platforms that can help facilitate seamless collaboration,” said Billy Blau, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Dropbox. “Whether at the office or the job site, teams can take advantage of our integration with Fieldwire and its two-way syncing capabilities to stay connected on the latest changes to key documents and content.”

To read more about our game-changing partnership, check out Dropbox’s recent blog post about preserving and increasing momentum on construction projects.

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