You know as well as anyone that construction is a demanding field. It’s a big sandbox with a lot of big toys, and those toys tend to cost a pretty penny. Large scale equipment - bulldozers, excavators, lifts, loaders, etc. - are often essential components for completing jobs, and they also tend to be the major thorns to get stuck in your side. Small construction businesses may not be able to afford purchasing their own equipment, and larger businesses might have trouble making those purchases worthwhile if they regularly have their machinery collecting dust between projects.

But fear not! There are heroes out there who have heard your cries (and shouts…and expletives), and the age of technology has helped a new kind of business rise: the share economy. The verbal deals you once hashed out with colleagues to get your hands on the tools you needed have now been replaced with something more reliable, and best of all, equipment rental will no longer be such a widespread pain point. We wanted to turn a spotlight on a couple of great companies who share our enthusiasm for making on-site life a little easier:

Yard Club is a promising business that connects equipment renters with owners to put idle machines to good use. Yard Club has set up a peer-to-peer marketplace where members don’t just join and hit the ground running - you must apply for membership and be approved before you can participate in the marketplace. While this may appear a bit jarring on the surface, the benefits of vetting members beforehand seem to outweigh the patience it’ll cost you to join. It guarantees that only high-quality equipment will ever be available from a trusted user base that must adhere to the Yard Club Code. This system is designed to put everyone at ease (these are expensive machines and hefty sums being exchanged, after all), and users rate each other after every rental to maintain that trust and quality.


Yard Club is still in a somewhat fledgling state, as their sign up letter specifies that they’re currently only operating in Western Canada and Arizona, and won’t be launching in all of North America until early 2016. A bit of a bummer, but the mission statement is still solid - so solid, in fact, that Caterpillar recently entered in an agreement to start backing Yard Club. Not a bad friend to have.

One company that is currently available all over is Getable, another equipment rental marketplace satisfying this tricky niche. Getable makes searching for machinery very quick and easy, displaying local results for you to browse the same way you would compare hotel or flight prices. They make it easy to just hop on and input what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and how long you need it. Getable has spent the last few years changing the focus of their business, finally settling on becoming a large equipment rental “comparison engine” for contractors. Their belief that machine rental is more cost effective than ownership for their users is what drives them to cater to your needs, and the sleek interface of their website ensures you won’t get tripped up when hunting for the right equipment.


Last year, Getable was only available in California, but they are expanding nationwide after a successful round of funding this year. Like Yard Club, they are a prime example of the share economy model working out well for renters and owners alike. For your immediate needs, Getable might be the one to turn to if you live outside of Arizona and Canada. Once 2016 arrives and Yard Club expands its market, you’ll have the opportunity to try out both services and see which one suits your needs the best.

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