Product Spotlight: Construction Safety

More than any other consideration, your safety on construction sites is the most important thing to keep in mind while you’re in the field. It’s easy to forget how important it is, especially for those of you who have been at this for years and know your way around a job site. With experience comes know-how, and with know-how can sometimes come a bit too much comfort. Safety guidelines for construction workers should never be taken lightly, but let's face it: We’re all human, and the thing about humans is that they screw up…sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. And unless you’re Wolverine, you probably aren’t able to just shrug off major injuries.


Construction Safety Products

Luckily, some responsible men and women have taken it upon themselves to keep an eye out for us with handy construction safety tips and apps. They’ve created several great products that make it simple us to be more mindful of construction safety hazards without much extra effort. Since we at Fieldwire are all about improving on-site efficiency without jumping through extra hoops, we’re delighted to bring 3 helpful construction safety apps to your attention:

First up is SafeSite - This is a very useful service that allows you to log any and all construction safety hazards that spring up on your job site, and alerts the appropriate teammates responsible for fixing them. Record your observations on the fly with their Field app and track your construction workplace safety with checklists and inspection features. They also have a Pro version of their safety app that can help you manage your team, analyze preventative practices, and create safety reports. These help target improvement areas on your project and generate a safety score from the collected data. In other words, this is a convenient source of construction site safety tips and the means of dealing with site safety for pretty much any type of project.


Next we have StriveZero, which shares the same heavy focus on inspection issues and general safety in construction. They are careful to make sure you’re aware of OSHA compliance standards, so you can gauge how effective your on-site practices and construction safety rules actually are. You can also receive notifications when construction safety hazards are first reported. StriveZero also helps you track personnel injury rates, generate safety reports on team status over time, and easily share inspection results. One particularly neat feature they include in these reports is the “Lessons Learned” section, which is meant to provide construction safety training and help teach you a thing or two about how to prevent future incidents based on your past ones. And certain aspects of this service are entirely customizable, such as EHS terminology, which you can tailor to whatever names and terms your team regularly uses for construction safety topics. That’s a pretty cool feature that will help your team adopt this safety app quickly.


And then there’s the UIG Toolbox App, which focuses on streamlining site safety meetings. There’s no escaping these mandatory gatherings, so what the folks at UIG Safe Works have done is craft a tool that will help you get through them and store the important information. You can easily track team attendance, and best of all, it records the actual audio of the meeting so you can play it back later. You can also add photos for reference, supervisors are sent data reports, and the app automatically determines the meeting’s GPS location. While this app is free to use, they also have a premium version that offers more structural options and will store audio and report data online (not just the device you are using) in case you need to recover it. This app is great for distributing safe construction meeting summaries and monitoring team safety.


Boosting Construction Industry Safety

With really useful construction safety apps like these out there, safety for construction workers has received a major shot in the arm. No more paper forms to fill out anytime there is an incident, and if any construction safety hazards do occur, you can keep everyone instantly informed and make sure your people are staying out of harm's way. Each of these construction site safety services are available on both mobile and the web, so consider trying them out and finding the one that best fits your team. No need to test the durability of those hard hats if you can easily sidestep danger with a helpful construction safety app.

And check out Fieldwire to efficiently manage all the core aspects of your project. It’s free for small teams on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We already support 1,000+ companies across 35,000+ projects, and we’re happy to safeguard yours too!

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