We live in a handheld age, more specifically, a mobile age. We spend all this money on these lovely, intricate little computers that fit in our pockets, so it’s natural to start designing most daily tasks with them in mind. It’s not hard to imagine calling your phone something else entirely in the not-too-distant future, as you likely use it less and less for actual phone calls. Mobile devices have forever changed how tactile functions are performed, and in terms of construction management, this is a truly convenient trend. At Fieldwire, we’ve embraced this movement toward mobility and efficiency, and we’re not alone - thousands of companies have taken their business specialities and modified them for the phone, the cloud, and the web. We love turning the spotlight on those fellow services that strive to make your life in the field better, and this must-have pair of apps is set on eliminating tiny pocket tools and excess paper from your work day.


First up is the iHandy Carpenter app, a shockingly simple yet endlessly useful set of tools you can pull up on your phone. This suite of instruments will replace the easy-to-lose ones that you regularly use on-site, which include: the plumb bob level, surface level, bubble level, ruler, and protractor. Each of these tools is displayed on your phone’s screen, with adaptable measurements and readings based on your phone’s orientation. The plumb bob level helps confirm the verticality of lines and walls, the surface level ensures flatness, and bubble level gauges horizontal and vertical planes. The ruler will obviously measure length (inches and centimeters), and the protractor will give you readings on angles from 0 to 180 degrees.

The possibilities for such tools while on the job are abundantly clear, and you undoubtedly have utilized one or several of these yourself to perform certain tasks. The iHandy Carpenter app gives them all to you in one location that you’ll never misplace - your phone. And the price for something so handy? Just $1.99 in your device’s app store. Keep in mind the display may be slightly different depending on your mobile device, but overall this is an indispensable tool to have while you work.


Another major part of every project is estimates and invoices, and historically, these have all been recorded on endless sheets of paper during countless non-billable hours. Thankfully, companies like Joist have sought to eliminate this outdated, cumbersome system and instead give you the means to accomplish all of it in real-time from your phone. Joist was built specifically for contractors to create estimates for jobs, materials, and labor rates to be sent directly to clients as customizable, professional invoices. This can all be easily done from the field, rather than having to compile and write out everything after the fact. You can also attach photos, electronic signatures, and your company logo. No more time wasted on double entry and written notes, no more Excel spreadsheets or Word templates, and no more clipboards. Most importantly, no more mountains of paper.

Fieldwire is dedicated to eliminating paper use from your day-to-day, so we’re pleased to see Joist following the same trend. Client information and line items are kept within the app for repeated use, and invoices display all important details and are simple to email out. Manage projects and payments on the go, with all calculations done for you so you can get through the billing process as fast as possible. It’s hard to imagine any construction team that wouldn’t have a need for something this helpful. Best of all: Joist is 100% free to use, so there’s no reason not to check it out.


These apps are great examples of valuable and affordable ways to streamline your project and utilize the advantages of an increasingly modern, mobile industry. Joist and the iHandy Carpenter app can save you time and resources, and introduce you to a new facet of construction management that becomes more popular by the day. Embrace the mobile movement and try out these great apps for yourself! You might just find the new essential tool you never realized was missing from your day.

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