Summer is here, and the weather is (hopefully) smiling down on your job sites. We here at the Fieldwire office are stuck indoors. In truth, we’re a bit jealous of all the fresh air and sunshine that you all have been hogging, and in the spirit of enjoying the great outdoors, we’re hoping you can share your slice of the summer weather with us!


Specifically, we want you to share photos of you and your team in action! In fact, we thought it would be fun to make a contest out of this. Grab a camera (or use your smartphone or tablet) and snap some photos of your job site, your teammates hard at work (or taking a break…don’t worry, we won’t tell), or some great shots of what your project looks like on a typical summer day. We’d love to see what you’re working on, what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, and some exciting group photos of your team!

The Rules:

  • All photos must feature either you and/or your team on your job site, preferably while you’re using Fieldwire!
  • This contest is limited to users located in North America only.
  • You have from now until 7/29/16 to submit your photos.
  • Photos should be sent to
  • By sending these photos to us, you are giving us permission to display them on the Fieldwire website or for marketing material (now or in the future).

Since you’ll be doing us a favor by sharing some of your great field photos, it’s only fair that we send you something in return: Fieldwire T-shirts! The first 25 users to send in their photos and the best 25 photos we receive from the total amount of submissions are all guaranteed to get a shirt (limit of 1 shirt per person). That means 50 of you are guaranteed to win! We know a lot of you are working on some impressive projects, and we’re itching to catch a glimpse of them!


And if some free shirts aren’t enough to entice you (although that’s insane, these shirts are very comfortable and stylish), a select few from the 25 best submissions have a chance to also get some free Fieldwire sunglasses for those sunny days and stickers for those hard hats. And “best” is entirely subjective, so the best photos could be those that are particularly creative, or artistic, or just plain fantastic.


And if you’re having some trouble finding inspiration for your photo composition, check out this example of a good photo below! Your photos don’t have to look exactly like this (in fact we encourage variety), but if your creative juices need a jumpstart, try framing your shot like this with the good ol’ Rule of Thirds:


So there you have it! 50 users (the first 25 and the 25 best) who send in their photos will receive a snazzy Fieldwire shirt, and some of them will also receive a whole Fieldwire care package full of great swag. Forget about the ice cream man, we’ve got the sweet treats this summer!

As of today, the Summer Field Photo Contest has officially begun! It will remain open for all of your submissions until Friday, July 29th, so you have a month and a half to get those photos in to us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you have any questions about the contest, or you have photos to submit, send them to

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