There are a lot of helpful apps out there, each specializing in some facet of construction. You've probably waded through many of them already, and we're willing to bet you didn't quite find a right fit with them. The grass is often greener whichever choice you turn to, and it's all too easy to just end up all turned around. What sets Fieldwire apart from the rest? Our unparalleled task management system, which we designed to make your job easier by providing real-time progress updates and issue tracking.


We know how important it is to keep your team working off of the latest drawings, so our viewing and versioning system guarantees that they always have up-to-date plans at hand. No more printing, no more uncertainty. Upload your project plans manually or sync Fieldwire with Box or Dropbox, so any updates you then make to your files in cloud storage will automatically update in Fieldwire as well. Whether you sync new versions from the cloud or add them by hand, they'll be there for everyone to see. We accept single or multipage PDFs, PNGs and JPEGs. Add markups and attachments to plans as you go, and export your as-builts to share with others. In other words, we've got you covered when it comes to organizing and distributing drawings to your team.

This is where our robust task management software comes into play. Never lose sight of your goals again by creating tasks within Fieldwire, so you can simultaneously keep track of all work as it happens. Place a task directly onto a plan so you can mark its location, or create non-localized tasks for general duties around the job site. Designate the priority level and due date, and assign tasks to individual teammates so everyone can take ownership of their work. No more confusion about who should be doing what. You can also specify which trade a task falls under with our category system. Our task management system is an invaluable resource that you can use to monitor project progress throughout each day.

Sounds great, right? But making headway is only effective if you're actually aware it's happening. Luckily, Fieldwire also puts a strong emphasis on issue tracking and team communication. Updates and comments that are left on tasks are shared with everyone associated with that task, so no one is left out of the loop. You can send PDF and spreadsheet reports for inspections, and our notification system alerts you whenever there are status updates, upcoming deadlines, or new tasks created and assigned. Collaboration becomes instantaneous while your transparency woes are erased.

At Fieldwire, we don't try to do everything. We do a core group of functions better than anyone else out there, so you never have to second-guess putting your trust in us. We solve the problems you were forced to accept as necessary evils. Cast those time-worn notions aside! Our mission is to simplify and fortify the building process, so your day in the field runs smoothly and you reach the finish line with no muss or fuss. If you've been looking for a lasting solution to your on-site troubles, your search is over. Come join us on the greener grass.

Fieldwire is free for small teams (up to 15 users) on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We already support 1,000+ companies across 35,000+ projects, and we'd love to work with you!

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