You made it! Only one month left in 2017, and it’s a big one. After dodging the candy and turkey and Black Friday madness (or embracing all three, we don’t judge here), December has finally arrived. With the glut of gifts and celebration right around the corner, we thought we’d get ahead of all of that by releasing a little something for you early. Take a look!


360 Photo Capability

Big news! As you know, taking 360 photos is more than a little convenient when you’re on job sites. With a single image you can capture an entire room with incredible depth and share it with your colleagues. We like innovative technology here at Fieldwire, so we’ve embraced this amazing documentation tool by incorporating 360 functionality with our software. On our iOS and Android apps, you can now capture 360 photospheres with the help of a Ricoh Theta or any similar camera. Just connect it directly to Fieldwire and start snapping away, and you’ll be able to view 360 photos right there on your mobile device.

360 photography is in open beta mode for all Fieldwire users throughout the month of December. Come January, it will become a premium-only feature. So check it out now and see if it’s something you want to take advantage of in the coming year! Learn more here.


Reports on Mobile

More exciting news! You can now send out your saved report templates from the iOS and Android apps! Any reports you’ve created on web will now be accessible on our mobile apps, so you no longer need to wait until you get to your computer to share task information with your colleagues. Just click the button at the top of the Tasks screen to start sending them out.


Batch Plan Tag Editing

While you’ve previously been able to manage plan tags for multiple sheets, you can now do so from the batch editing tool located within the Actions menu on the main Plans page of your project. Just select your plans and then click the Actions button, and once you choose the “Batch Edit” option you will see that plan tags can now be edited in the same spreadsheet table for editing sheet titles and descriptions. This handy update should make managing your plans even more efficient in Fieldwire.


Create New Task Locations on iOS

This final goody is for our iOS users. When specifying a location for your tasks in the iOS app, you can now create brand new locations directly from the app; previously this was only possible on the web version of Fieldwire, but now there’s nothing stopping you from adding new locations within tasks on your iPhone or iPad. And for Android users, the location field is now available as well!


We hope these early holiday surprises help add more efficiency and convenience to your projects so you can ring in the new year the right way. We’re particularly excited to bring you 360 photosphere functionality, because we know that demand continues to rise throughout the industry as time marches on. So get out there and remember to make a funny face when you snap those 360 photos!

Fieldwire is free for small teams on Apple iOS, Android, and on the web. We support 200,000+ projects worldwide, and we look forward to helping you manage yours in 2018!

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