The Construction App for iPad

The Construction App for iPad


Fieldwire's iPad app was designed with construction contractors in mind to give you access to everything you need while you are on the go. Its jobsite focus makes it a must have among iPad apps for builders.

Manage your plans from the field

The iPad app let’s you access your plans at a blazing fast speed even when you are offline. We optimize your drawings so that you can view high quality blueprints instantly on your mobile device. This lets you navigate and swipe effortlessly between drawings directly on your iPad.
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The speed, ease of use and reliability of our blueprint app is part of what makes Fieldwire shine compared to other iPad construction apps. Our construction app also benefits from being part of a larger construction management platform designed to support large construction projects.

Our blueprint management system will automatically read the name off the plans and version the sheets automatically. It will also find the navigation callouts and hyperlink them in the iPad construction app so that you don’t have to flip endlessly through your floor plans. Better yet, as soon as your floor plans are ready, the iPad app will synchronize automatically with the master set keeping you always up to date.

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Keep your construction team in sync

The iPad app works seamlessly to distribute floor plans, markups, tasks, and photos all in real time. As the workday goes by, our construction management app brings structure and clarity to your project while keeping you quick on your feet. Task management on a construction site is all about being productive and yet never losing track of anything.
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Task management or “Field Management” is at the core of our iPad app and will help you normalize your process across projects & subcontractors and ultimately gain both speed and organization on your projects. With our iPad construction app, you get notifications when tasks are updated. That way foremen, supers and engineers don’t have to wait hours for answers. Fieldwire is the highest rated of the free construction apps in the app store, so get ready and start your first project.

Understanding our commitment to efficient task management will help separate Fieldwire from the other iPad construction apps. On iPad, use the @ sign (ex: @contractor, @plan name, @priority) to immediately associate the task to a person, a scope package or a sense of priority. Few seconds later, a foreman on site could be adding photos, comments or even progress. Our task tracking software makes everything lightning fast.

"Saves me so much time and effort not carrying multiple sets of drawings and allows me to red-line drawings as I go."

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Work on your project offline

With our iPad construction app, you always have access to the latest versions of your floor plans and files as they are automatically downloaded and stored on your iPad. You can access all project material while you're offline in the field.
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Construction Apps for iPad

Make task comments, track issues, or take progress photos and our iPad app will automatically sync all the new data when you're back online. As all project markups, punch lists and tasks are tracked in the cloud, creating reports is now effortless. No need to spend hours at a computer compiling photos anymore. With our construction app once you leave the site, your job is done. That alone makes it one of the best apps for construction.

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