Beyer Boys - HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance

Beyer Boys used Fieldwire to access all of their photos, plans, and documentation as they work on HVAC and plumbing maintenance in commercial and residential buildings.

Beyer Boys - HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance

Beyer Boys - HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are some of the most important considerations to tackle on new construction projects, since tenants rely on solid temperature and airflow systems to comfortably tolerate each moment they’re inside. Naturally, plumbing systems are also crucial to get right as water and waste management receive heavy use every day. These two systems are some of the most difficult to coordinate because they’re critical to building functionality, yet no one really wants to see them out in the open once they’re inhabiting the space.

Key Facts

  • Company Type: HVAC Specialty Contractor
  • Annual Revenue: $18 million

Use Cases

  • Office/jobsite communication
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Provide transparency into work performed

Beyer Boys, based in San Antonio, TX, have spent almost 30 years specializing in both HVAC and plumbing maintenance for commercial and residential buildings. They pride themselves on providing reliable and worry-free heating, cooling, and plumbing upkeep throughout the Southern Texas region. The quality of their services has carried them far over the decades, with a reputation and skillset that earns them around $18 million in revenue each year.

“I can’t tell you how many different programs I’ve tried out, looking for the right fit, and when I came across Fieldwire it was exactly what I had in mind for our team. It has all of the features we need without any of the extra baggage that we saw in other programs.”

, Project Manager, Beyer Boys

Project Management Made Simple

Beyer Boys are currently providing their expertise on a large, commercial new construction endeavor, which understandably has a lot of items to keep track of. One of the firms project managers decided it was time to modernize his team’s operations and turned to Fieldwire to help achieve this goal. By converting the daily management of project data from pencil and paper to mobile software, Beyer Boys substantially elevated it’s task and file organization. Plans and key documents are now available at all times via the construction app, preventing any significant stoppage in progress throughout the day.

“We use it for managing plans and distributing drawings, as well as housing our submittals and other files. Anything we used to hand out in a physical binder or folder is now put in Fieldwire for our team to locate,” says the project manager. “One of the main advantages is having drawings and other documents accessible out in the field so that the team can keep working without delays. The other feature we’re using on a regular basis is daily reports. We require our field crew to take photos of what they do each day and add them to tasks, which are then included in a report. So everything they did that day is laid out clearly.”

Whether on a schedule or on the fly, creating reports that share tasks and photos with a few simple clicks has stepped up Beyer’s ability to monitor activity without missing any details. The immediate and intuitive functionality of the app is also a major highlight for Beyer’s employees, since it keeps them from slowing down in order to properly record their work or check on specifications. Since upper management and on-site workers both find considerable ease of use and utility in the app, Beyer Boys have seen increased efficiency sprout up across the board.

“We started testing Fieldwire with 5 of our employees. We bought them iPads and asked them to document their work with photos, and they loved it. They loved being able to carry plans around with them in an iPad, since they didn’t have to keep up with loose paperwork anymore. We tested it for about 2 months and after that success, we rolled it out to the rest of the team. We’ve seen a lot of benefits from using Fieldwire, and at this point everyone really enjoys it.”

Smart Tracking Breeds Accountability

With over 100 employees in the company, it’s critical that project managers can track headway in order to ensure they maintain their schedules. They do this by utilizing the photo and task features built into Fieldwire. By taking photos at each step of the process, they’re able to create a living history of each job from start to finish. This provides useful evidence of their work beyond simply showing task completion.

“The photo aspect of Fieldwire is a big help for tracking what’s been accomplished in the field, and helps us better understand what progress has been made so we can accurately bill for it,” says the project manager. “Photos also help us protect ourselves when it comes to potential damages to property. For example, we had a storm come through a few months ago that blew a cap off of a rooftop curb, which the owner thought we were responsible for. But we had photos in Fieldwire of the screwed-in cap on the curb prior to the storm, so we were able to prove that we had properly covered the hole up there. It potentially saved us a lot of money from a possible lawsuit.”

Keeping all project data housed within tasks is an excellent way to preserve information and convey ownership. J. Moody, Production Manager with Beyer Boys, recognizes the value of direct association of specific tasks with specific crew members. It helps the management team assess their productivity against the agreed-upon timetable and pinpoint any slack that needs to be picked up. Better still, it means they never need to go hunting for photos or other task information, as it’s all right there within Fieldwire.

“We can tag multiple people in tasks, and it’s definitely helping boost accountability for sure,” says Moody. “Communicating through Fieldwire helps everyone know exactly what needs to get done. In fact, we’ve started exclusively communicating with field technicians through the app. It’s definitely a good tool for the accountability it brings and the ability to create photos and reports.”

Increased responsibility isn’t the only advantage of using the task management system in Fieldwire. The real-time, automatic nature of the app means that updates are relayed to the appropriate project users moments after they are made. Whenever new data is added to a task, notifications are sent out so that Beyer boys always stay in the loop. This eliminates the need to manually check in with each other, and creates more trust in daily reporting since each person doesn’t have to rely on memory when sharing their finished work.

“We see a lot of benefit in the way Fieldwire cuts down on clunky day-to-day operations, such as the hundreds of emails and phone calls we used to make. Now if we want to check in with technicians, we can just pull up Fieldwire and see what they did the previous day.”

Reliable Quality

J. Moody and the entire Beyer Boys group continue to show just how effective they are when it comes to providing HVAC and plumbing services. Their steady growth over the years has garnered a lot of clients, and with an increasing amount of jobs over more and more territory, the dependable support that Fieldwire offers their staff is paired perfectly with their own sizable talent. It’s a partnership that reflects some of the core objectives that both companies share: efficiency and reliability.

“We’ve definitely gotten everything we were looking for out of Fieldwire. I can’t tell you how many different programs I’ve tried out, looking for the right fit, and when I came across Fieldwire it was exactly what I had in mind for our team. It has all of the features we need without any of the extra baggage that we saw in other programs.”

“It’s been everything we hoped it would be, and it was definitely worth the money because it’s doing exactly what we wanted it to do. I recommend Fieldwire to others, even in other fields. The interface is so simple and yet it does so much, and that’s key in an industry like ours.”

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