Access as-built drawings from any device

Access, edit, and view as-builts in the field from any device and keep your construction plans up-to-date.

as built drawings

Akkurate Zeichnungen

Behalten Sie den Überblick über alle Bestandspläne mit einem umfassenden Angebot an Markup-Tools, einschließlich Fotos, Videos und Notizen.

Einfache Weitergabe an den Betrieb

Exportieren Sie genau, was gebaut wurde, damit die Betriebs- und Wartungsteams immer genau wissen, was gebaut wurde.

as built

Durchsuchbare historische Aufzeichnungen

Reduzieren Sie Risiken mit einer detaillierten Aufzeichnung der durchgeführten Arbeiten, einschließlich der Transparenz, wer was ausgeführt hat.

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“What I like about Fieldwire is that I can maintain a conformed set of drawings for the entire project, mark them up in the field as electronic as-builts, and then when the drawings change, I can upload new drawings and the markups carry over.”

Nathan Howat, VP at Blue Mountain Electric

Software für Bestandszeichnungen

Create as-built drawings

Our blueprint app lets you redline drawings while out in the field along with any other markups that come to mind. Our markup tools include freeform lines, highlighters, clouds, arrows, and text comments, all in a variety of colors.

Automate sheet versioning

It’s critical to keep your drawings up-to-date as you insert new versions. Our construction app automatically transfers all of your Fieldwire tasks and markups to the newest sheet you upload so that your as-built drawings are always accurate.

Share drawing sets

Keep your team supplied with the latest data by managing your as built drawings within Fieldwire. Everyone added to your project can view or contribute to the as built drawing set.

Export layered PDFs

When you export your plans set as PDFs, each markup is maintained as a layer in your new as-built PDF file. This means that when you open it up in Adobe or Bluebeam, you can resize, move, or edit your drawings as you see fit. You also get to see when — and by who — each markup was created.

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