Streamline the submittal process with Fieldwire


Automated submittal logs

Fieldwire’s integrated system moves the submittal process forward, while creating transparency for all stakeholders.

Collaborative workflow

Add your entire project team to streamline the approval process.

Automated tracking

Order materials on time with automated tracking.

Seamless setup

Generate your submittal log in seconds from your specifications.

Submittals made easy

Access submittals on any device

Teams have a lot of variables dictating their momentum on a project. Submittals, being a vital part of the construction process, should never hold you up. Fieldwire’s Submittals module gives you the insight to what is outstanding, their time constraints, and the action items required. With Fieldwire, you will always have easy access from any device to a history of your reviews and submissions, giving you the visibility to hold all parties accountable for staying in scope.


Coordinate efficient reviews

Following up with the responsible parties takes up valuable time. All this is automated for you on Fieldwire, so you minimize administrative tasks and allocate valuable time elsewhere. Our system will automatically email you or other parties when action is needed, and notify all stakeholders to streamline the process and avoid loss of productivity.


Automated submittal log

Automatically extract your submittals from your specifications and bulk import them to your submittal log. Utilizing both tools will link the submittal and corresponding spec section together to eliminate the guesswork. Once you’re ready to start the submittal process, your log will automatically update for you as submittals move throughout their lifecycle.


Manage your submittals with Fieldwire

Powerful document management to simplify your projects

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