Fieldwire Announces Gantt Chart Manpower Scheduling for Construction Teams

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[San Francisco, CA, April 15, 2020] Fieldwire recently was rated easiest to use construction software by G2 Crowd. With more than 500,000 Android and 500,000 iOS installs, users have given it the highest rating. By adding manpower to work items in Fieldwire, construction teams can capture expected and actual task duration, enabling them to more easily sequence and schedule tradespeople’s work.

Fieldwire’s Gantt chart features work in conjunction with Fieldwire’s construction scheduling tools to provide project managers the information they need to plan work effectively. This is especially helpful for specialty contractors who plan work based on available manpower.

“Fieldwire was crucial for each foreman to be able to see what the other was doing at any time. This helped them coordinate work on such a tight schedule and I’m not sure we could have finished the project — on time and budget — without Fieldwire.”

Amanda Boyer, Mechanical Engineer, Jarrell Mechanical

In addition to giving project managers a view into team availability, Fieldwire’s Gantt view gives them the ability to change work start and end dates directly on the schedule. And linked reports show when work items are completed and verified, allowing project managers to see when tasks are completed early or late based on end dates.

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