Losinger Marazzi - The Summer Gardens, Nyon (Switzerland)

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Losinger Marazzi is one of the major players in construction in Switzerland. The company has more than 850 employees and has an annual turnover of nearly € 700 million. As a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, Losinger Marazzi combines the responsiveness of a well-established company locally with the power of an international group.

With a culture of innovation, Losinger Marazzi is now building a smart and sustainable construction to meet the demands of an ever more complex, interconnected and mobile society. The company is involved in ambitious residential projects such as the Jardins du Couchant in Nyon. It is a set of 14 housing buildings that will ultimately host 900 residents. Work began in June 2016 for a delivery scheduled for October 2018 and an estimated budget of € 100 million. Losinger Marazzi acts as a total company; that is to say that it manages the entire project for its client from design to delivery.


Quality control management

Margot Lubeigt is the conductor of work on this vast project. Every day she comes to control with her teams the quality of the work done by the various subcontractors (more than twenty). A few months ago, all this work was synonymous with tedious follow-up via paper forms and manual sending of reports. By setting up Fieldwire in April 2017, Margot Lubeigt wanted to streamline this process to make it simpler and more reliable.

Today, more than 800 quality checks that have been made in the application. Specifically each time a state body has finished an activity, Margot creates in Fieldwire a geo-localized control task on the map that contains the list of all the points to check. If a nonconformity or a particular problem is encountered, she can document it with photos directly in the application. She can then send a report to the subcontractor with all the corrections to be made and the associated photos to support her request, all within seconds from her phone.

Task Management

Beyond quality control, Margot Lubeigt takes advantage of Fieldwire’s job management machine to track what’s left to do and the tasks of the week. Specifically, during each weekly team meeting, it provides in dedicated tasks all the points to be done in the week: a subcontractor to invoice, a rider to finalize, etc. All these tasks are then assigned to the different members of his team. It can manage priorities and schedule these tasks from the calendar built into the application. If a task is not done in the week it can simply drag and drop the schedule for the next week. No need to take handwritten notes in a meeting and organize them in a report. Now everything is centralized in Fieldwire.


Security visit

The application is also used to manage all security visits that take place once a week. Whenever a security or quality problem is found, it is listed on the plan. For example, if a subcontractor has not cleaned up his work area, we create a “storage” task located at the exact location of the plan to which all the supporting photos are attached.

All the points listed during the visit are then sent in a clear and detailed report to the different subcontractors. What used to take pictures, load them on the computer, and then organize them into a report is now a few clicks away.

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