Fieldwire pour les entreprises spécialisées

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur comment les entreprises spécialisées et les sous-traitants d’entreprises générales utilisent Fieldwire sur le chantier ? Ce webinaire devrait répondre à vos questions !

Rendez-vous le mercredi 15 février !

Rejoignez nos experts pour une démonstration sur l’optimisation des flux de données grâce à Fieldwire.

Date : mercredi 15 février

Heure : 16:00

Durée : 30 minutes

À très bientôt !

Meet the hosts - Fieldwire product team

Presented by our in-house Fieldwire experts.

Hugo Locussol

Business Development Manager

Hugo Locussol joined the European Business Development team at Fieldwire bringing with him 12 years of experience from the Power Industry. Starting as a commissioning manager, Hugo moved to a project manager at one of the largest global Power Electricity contractor. He uses his years of successfully creating and implementing construction workflows through technology to help Fieldwire’s clients to do the same. His ultimate goal is to guide clients to mold Fieldwire into a tool that fits and improves the way they already do business, by doing so, saving customers time and money.

Sleiman Braidi

Business Development Manager

Before joining Fieldwire as a Business Development Manager, Sleiman Braidi worked as a civil engineer in a specialized office in Paris. His work then led him to lead large-scale projects involving multiple stakeholders on major renovation sites. Sleiman believes in simplifying and streamlining processes and flows within construction sites through technology. He uses his extensive knowledge of our tool and his experience in the construction industry to help customers optimize their use of Fieldwire.

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