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Satefy Blog Thumbnail-Safety We have all been there: being a kid falling down on the playground or a little slip in front of that special someone. We just dust ourselves off and hope we don’t get made fun of too much. In construction, however, the consequences of falling could be far worse than just a little embarrassment. In 2022, construction was the largest fatality industry compared to any other sector, with the majority of those being fall related deaths.

Construction fatalities 2022

In 2024, the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) is partnering with Construction Safety Week to bring the 11th annual Safety Stand Down. May 8th is projected to be the largest safety stand down in history with companies nationwide “standing down to prevent falls.”

As the saying goes “safety is a team effort” so you too can participate by looking at OSHA’s suggestions to performing a successful stand down and using some of their resources during your toolbox talks.

Teams across Fieldwire are using those resources in conjunction with our forms module to house safety resources and track employee sign-ins with documents like toolbox talks, job hazard analysis, job safety analysis, pre-task-plans, and more. Our construction software enables teams to prevent accidents by hosting such talks or report any safety concern they encounter, instantly notifying the relevant parties.

At Fieldwire we encourage a safety focused jobsite year round, and safety week is the perfect time to get started. Take the first step towards an incident-free jobsite by engaging in discussions on safety with your team. Practice safe protocols to make sure everyone on your jobsite gets home safe to their loved ones.

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