Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Fieldwire by Hilti, we are committed to celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.

We stand together

Joining Fieldwire by Hilti means taking part in a community of leaders from diverse gender, racial, sexual orientation, age, religious backgrounds and more. All united under our core values of trust, craftsmanship, and exploration.

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Accessibility matters

Workplace diversity can attract and retain talent as well as improve the emotional well-being of workers. We value representation and belonging in the industry, corporate workplace, and communities all around us.


Resources for Fieldwire employees

As a member of Fieldwire by Hilti, you will have access to employee resource groups (ERGs) that lead discussions around diversity and inclusion topics. These empower employees who share similar identities to support each other and find a sense of belonging. Gender networks, mental health, LGBTQ+, race and ethnicity, environment and sustainability are examples of ERGs in different regions of Hilti.

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