An AV/IT Specialty Contractor Is Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Labor Costs with Fieldwire

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7.5 hours/week

Average amount of time each Encompass AV team member spent in back-and-forth and rework before Fieldwire

375 hours/year

Average amount of time each Encompass AV team member saves with Fieldwire

Encompass AV at-a-glance
Solutions: Building AV/IT, cabling, and connectivity
Customers: GCs, architects, and developers in hospitality entertainment, office technologies, healthcare, education, and intelligent buildings
Location: Greater Chicago metro
Notable projects: Gibsons Italia, 90 North, Hotel Zachary, CompTIA

This is a story about one specialty contractor’s positive experience using Fieldwire. Although each business’s results may vary, Fieldwire believes this story is a powerful testimonial in support of the use of construction management technology to save construction businesses time and money.

Before Fieldwire

Encompass AV used to rely on a mishmash of paper documents, cloud-based services, and word of mouth to coordinate as many as 10 ongoing projects simultaneously. On-site teams spent untold hours in back-and-forth conversations to correct or confirm equipment and installation locations, only to spend additional time in rework to fix mistakes.

“One cause of wasted labor happens when there are questions in the field that don’t get answered. Unanswered questions create confusion, halt work, and end up costing a lot of money in the long run.”

Patrick Pfeifer, PM, Encompass AV

Now, more than ever, that wasted effort comes at a considerable cost. Businesses like Encompass AV, affected by COVID-19 shelter-in-place measures, can’t afford delays without risking missed payments from customers — and being short for payroll.

With Fieldwire

Fieldwire was implemented for all Encompass AV, including nine ongoing projects. PM Patrick Pfeifer continues to advance these projects while working from home, using Fieldwire to coordinate and communicate with his field teams.

“We get all the questions answered upfront so when the field team shows up to the site, they know exactly what to do. I have not gotten one phone call from the on-site team because all the work has been so clearly planned.”

Patrick Pfeifer, PM, Encompass AV

Patrick estimates his team saves more than an hour each day — 7.5 hours/day per person.

Not only does this save the company money — approximately $105,000/year in labor costs — but it ensures he and Encompass AV complete their projects on time so they can get paid, keep cash flow going to pay employees, and take on more work despite the pandemic and its impact.

A word from PM Patrick Pfeifer

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