Unlimited sheets on all paid plans


If I sign up for a premium account, how easy is it to adjust or cancel?
You can adjust or cancel your premium plan at any time by clicking on your Account and “Manage your subscription.”
How can I add external users, such as subcontractors, to my project?
You can invite external users on the People tab of your project. For any users that do not already have a premium account, you will be charged for them. If the users do already have premium accounts, you will not be charged. Depending on the project team, either the project owner chooses to cover everyone or each company signs up for their own premium account. If you are on a yearly premium plan and invite extra users during that year, you will be charged the (more expensive) monthly price for them. Alternatively, if you purchase additional licenses through the check out flow, you can add them to your yearly account plan at the (less expensive) prorated annual rate.
How does per-user pricing work?
When you add users to any of your projects, you will be charged for those users unless they have a premium account of their own. When you add a user during the middle of your billing cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount for that user going forward. We only charge for unique users, so it does not matter how many of your projects a specific user is on. Project Administrators, Members, and Followers are all considered users and cost the same amount. You can read more about how the pricing system works here.
How much storage do I get with a premium account?
All premium tiers offer unlimited plans, files, and photos.
What is the ROI?
Our customers report 10x to 30x ROIs. On average, Fieldwire saves over 5 hours per user per week. The real-time notifications, automated reporting, ability to quickly document the jobsite, offline-capable mobile app, centralized information and file storage are some of the features that users credit with saving the most time. If you want help calculating your potential ROI, please contact
What are the payment options?
Pro and Business accounts must be paid via credit card. Enterprise plans are generally invoiced annually or on a per-project or per-company basis. Payment options can include credit card, wire transfer, or check.
Can I keep some users on a trial basis when I upgrade to a premium plan?
No. All users on your projects must be paid for at the time you upgrade to premium. Those users can create their own trial projects, but any projects associated with the company account will be premium and cover the users on those projects.

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