5 Ways to Maintain a Safe Jobsite as Construction Resumes Nationwide

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Construction is back across the country. 46 states — including California and Michigan — are now allowing unrestricted construction. That means tradespeople are lacing up their boots and getting back to work.

But reopening jobsites now also means taking additional steps to ensure a safe work environment — including protecting against COVID-19.

Fieldwire can help your team stay productive while still maintaining safety requirements on-site by empowering them to plan, manage, and prove work — including showing proof of compliance with COVID-19 regulations — by centralizing all your critical documents into one platform with real-time updates and notifications. That way, all tradespeople, managers, and stakeholders invovled with your projects have access to up-to-date information.

Here's how.

1. Post new safety guidelines and COVID-19-related documents

Use Fieldwire’s files features for a single source of truth for up-to-date information. By creating a project in Fieldwire and inviting all account users to join, everyone will be notified of new communications and updated files in real-time.

2. Get all team members to sign off on safety requirements

You can require all workers to confirm they’ve read and agree to the safety guidelines via PDF markups. All document changes, including signoffs, are visible to everyone in real-time from any device.

3. Verify each worker’s health

Fieldwire can help you ensure all workers on-site have verified they’re in good health with pre-populated self-certification checklists. If workers are required to have their temperatures checked and need to answer questions regarding potential COVID-19 exposure daily, a digital checklist allows everyone to self-certify they’re symptom-free and are OK to be on-site that day. Once added to Fieldwire, managers and relevant crew members will get alerts in real-time.

4. Assign on-site sanitization

Fieldwire plans and tasks provide everyone on the team the most up-to-date information about site conditions and work progress. In these times, they’re also tools for quickly adjusting to the new normal as all updates are pushed to everyone on the project in real-time.

With Fieldwire you can:

  • Mark up plans to designate high-traffic/high-touch areas on-site
  • Assign tasks for sanitizing specific locations to a cleaning taskforce
  • Alert everyone of new hand-washing station locations by adding to plans with unique color labels

5. Confirm a clean jobsite

Seeing is believing. By adding time-stamped before and after photos to completed tasks, those responsible for keeping the jobsite virus-free can confirm a safe workspace for entering tradespeople. And once they mark tasks as complete, those responsible for verifying site conditions will be alerted in real-time.

Fieldwire helps construction teams keep safe and healthy. Click to schedule a demo.

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