Fieldwire is Now Hosted on Amazon Web Services

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You might’ve seen emails from us about planned scheduled maintenance to the Fieldwire platform. The reason why we did this was because we changed our cloud hosting provider from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS). By making this change, we can provide customers with added benefits like increased performance and flexibility as we continue to scale our infrastructure to meet your needs.

How does this change affect your business?

One of the biggest benefits of our migration from Heroku to AWS is the ability to open up geographically distributed instances of Fieldwire closer to where our customers are located. All of our customers - including our European, Canadian, or Australian clients - can enjoy faster performance now that Fieldwire can be hosted in any of AWS’s data centers worldwide. This means faster loading times when trying to view critical project data like plans or photos, for example. This migration ultimately translates to a better customer experience overall.

How do you benefit from Fieldwire’s increased flexibility?

By directly hosting the Fieldwire application on AWS, we’re able to access a broader range of hosting infrastructure. Before this migration, Fieldwire was somewhat limited in terms of what technology we could use to gain the most insights from our customers. With AWS as our hosting provider, Fieldwire is able to respond to even more complex customer needs without jeopardizing performance.

Overall, we’re excited about how this change will bring added value to our customers. We’re committed to developing our software to drive an exceptional customer experience and act quickly on your requests and needs. With this change, we can ensure all Fieldwire customers will continue to see improved performance and innovative development at scale.

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