Fieldwire in the news, September 2018 roundup

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Rarely ever do we toot our own horn, except for those months when our product makes the news! Thank you to ConstructConnect, On-Site Mag, and for giving Fieldwire praise and sharing in our company’s success.

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of each story’s highlights:

ConstructConnect: “EllisDon using Fieldwire platform to connect construction teams”

One of Canada's top construction companies, EllisDon, is now using Fieldwire for job site coordination on its $9.1-billion expansion project underway at Vancouver International Airport.

Tom Strong, CTO at EllisDon, said the platform is being used to connect dispersed teams and promote transparency in an industry that “has not always been the most forthcoming about sharing information,” adding:

As the article states, “the digital revolution is changing the way white collar workers do business,” and EllisDon is embracing it. They will use Fieldwire to improve jobsite coordination and connect their team like never before.

Read the full article to learn how EllisDon leverages Fieldwire for worksite flow on capital building projects.

On-Site Magazine: “Putting focus on job site technology, EllisDon to implement Fieldwire on all Canadian projects”

Using EllisDon as the primary example, David Kennedy, explains the positive impact technology has on construction in On-Site Magazine. He writes: “technology enables builders to assign, track, and review each stage of construction, as well as share data collected with relevant stakeholders. It does it all without a cumbersome paper trail and costly face-to-face meetings.”

Yves Frinault, Fieldwire’s CEO and co-founder, adding:

“We’re moving from a world where it was okay to not know exactly how things were completed, to a world where we want to know exactly what was completed and how well it was completed.”

Wondering how to leverage technology for your next project? Follow in the footsteps of EllisDon as highlighted in the full article. “Best Android Apps for Construction”

With so many reviews, but never enough time, it can be hard to decide on the best tools for you. That's why exists - to give you short and sweet summaries of leading apps - so that you can make quick decisions with confidence.

Technology expert, Howard Wen, recently included Fieldwire in his review of the top six Android apps for construction workers, claiming:

“Of all the apps featured here, Fieldwire is the must-have in this category.”

Wondering what else he said about the market? Read the full review on today.

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