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Dominic Delfino is an experienced Project Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. He is currently the Head of Customer Success at Fieldwire.

Growing up in a farming family, I’ve inherently had the need to physically see the fruits of my labor. When I was in high school, my father began working at the transportation agency for our county and this sparked my interest in infrastructure — everything from how my family got their water to how a large structure remained standing. I decided to pursue studies in civil engineering and quickly realized that I would go into construction as I loved watching buildings and infrastructure come to life.

Starting in civil construction

When I started my professional career in heavy civil construction, I was fortunate enough to work for a company that started as a masonry contractor in 1884 and had become one of the best, if not the best, contractors in the world. I was given a company book that told the tale of the company and how it became what it is today from its small origin as a masonry contractor. To me, the most fascinating part of this book was all of the impressive projects that they had built that still stand today. After reading that book, I knew I was in the right industry.

The best part of being at such a great company was that they really took the time to train me on how to be a great builder and gave me enough responsibility to learn from experiences. I learned how to build work plans, build out my lookahead schedules, and make sure I had all of the correct information in the right place. Working with my superintendents and foremen, I started to realize how passionate everyone was about getting the job done safely and with the utmost quality. I truly enjoyed being on a jobsite because of the people I was surrounded by and their willingness to work together to get the job done. However, as my time working on the Warm Springs Extension project came to an end (see the finished product below) I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do the work I was passionate about.

Warm Springs Extension project

After a few years on the jobsite, I started to notice tablets and smartphones becoming an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day. The use of tablets started with emails, then viewing an individual plan here and a file there, all the way to having a digital time card. As technology continued to advance, I began to see the power of having one application for everything I managed — tasks, plans, schedules, and more. It really amazed me that the tablet and smartphone had become so ubiquitous on a jobsite, but there wasn’t a construction application solely built with a craftsperson in mind. Then I heard of Fieldwire.

Ending in construction technology

Since working at Fieldwire, I’ve been able to speak with companies of all sizes and show them the true value in an application like ours. I love seeing the amazed look on their faces when I show them exactly what they can do with the device in their pockets. As I work with companies and see their use of the platform and project teams grow, I think about how this specialty trade contractor, for example, is on its way to becoming the next best contractor. And I love that Fieldwire plays a role in that success.

If you’re interested in helping craftspeople adopt construction technology, I’d love to hear from you! We’re actively seeking people with industry backgrounds to join our Construction team (but also have open roles across all other teams). Please take a moment to apply online and make the switch to construction technology today.

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