Plan markups made easier, improved Forms tab and Change Orders: Fieldwire’s Q4 product updates

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Fieldwire uses customer feedback to constantly improve the mobile and desktop app experience for our users. As we work to make construction management more efficient for construction teams all over the world, we continuously add new features and enhancements to our software. Check out Fieldwire's latest product updates for improved collaboration with your teams and increased productivity in your daily tasks.

Change Orders

Now available as part of Fieldwire’s Project Management suite, create Change Orders to automatically calculate costs, monitor project status and track progress through approval. Learn more about Change Orders on our blog.

Copy and paste tasks and markups

We continue to improve Fieldwire’s blueprint viewer to empower teams to communicate more efficiently. Following the batch edit markup ability released last quarter, you can now copy and paste a batch selection of tasks and markups. Apply the selection of tasks and markups to multiple rooms or areas on the same plan sheet, and even across plans.

Copy paste tasks and markups gif

Forms tab redesign

Finding a form is faster and easier with the new and improved design of the Forms tab. The updated view leverages a virtual scroll to decrease the loading time for the list of forms, particularly on projects with many documents and templates. Users can now save time and improve efficiency when looking for a particular form in the web app.

forms tab redesign gif

Upload 25 photos on mobile

Using the Fieldwire construction management app in the field is now easier with the new ability to upload 25 photos at a time on mobile. Previously, only 5 photos were able to be uploaded at a time on mobile. This update allows you to make quicker field visits.

Plumbing and mechanical symbols

Earlier in 2023, we introduced audiovisual, electrical, fire suppression and security markup symbols. Now, we have added plumbing and mechanical symbols, so subcontractors can use additional trade-specific symbols to streamline their markup workflows.

Plumbing and mechanical symbols

To know more about our recent product updates, check out our latest on-demand webinar:

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