Fieldwire is the best Bluebeam alternative

Fieldwire is the best Bluebeam alternative

Why Fieldwire vs Bluebeam Revu?

Many construction companies use both Fieldwire and Bluebeam on the same construction project. Bluebeam is best suited for estimators or project managers based in the office, while Fieldwire is used by a wider range of people to track work (punchlists, QA/QC, inspections) and annotate drawings in the field.


“Fieldwire enables our supervisors to stay out in the field, and they don’t need a computer for their work. It’s quick, easy to use, and it is doing what it’s supposed to do.”

KK Clark, Project Manager, Clark Construction

5-stars on every device

Fieldwire works on any device, including your iPhone, iPad, Android device, and web (desktop). Fieldwire is rated 4.9 stars on iOS, compared to just 2.6 stars for Bluebeam Revu (11/2018).

Focused on the needs of the field

Fieldwire connects the field and office. In addition to plan viewing and markups, coordinate all of the work your team does including punch lists, tasks, inspections, and QA/QC, all in one platform.

Easy to use and adopt

When the software just works, adoption follows. Converting to Fieldwire is easy, and new users can get started quickly. Switching your drawings to Fieldwire takes only minutes.

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