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Between stocking stuffers, Yankee swaps, and reminding your customer or vendors who loves them, you may be running out of decent gift ideas. That’s why we’ve polled the Fieldwire staff for their top picks. Here’s what we’re gifting this holiday season.

1. Mobile Coffee Maker

coffee-maker Regardless of how nice the coffee machine at the office is, there’s no guarantee the grounds someone dumped in there are any good. A portable French press can brew your first or second cup of joe while you’re on your way to the job site. This insulated combo press and mug will keep it warm, too.

PRESSE by Bobble French Coffee Press and Tumbler, $40.95 from Amazon

2. Screen Protector

screen-protector You’ve ensconced your smartphone in leather or silicone to account for the likelihood you’ll drop it, but what about the screen? A tempered glass screen protector will react to your touch pretty much like the original and will protect the screen from scratches, paint splatters, and oily fingerprints.

Maxboost Screen Protector for iPhone 3-Pack, $13.95 from Amazon

3. Gift Basket

snack-box Correct the sweet-to-savory imbalance of December with a bunch of salty treats. This gift basket — a box, actually — contains sausage, cheese, nuts, and crackers. Yes, it also comes with caramel-covered popcorn, but dunk some in the accompanying mustard and you’ll forget how sugary it is.

Harry & David Snack Box, $24.99 from Harry and David

4. Hilti Radio

hilti-radio Controlling the music on-site is a power move. Make sure your preference for hardcore death metal is heard loud and clear by streaming it to a Bluetooth radio. The RC 4/36 pairs via NFC, as well, and can blast AM/FM if radio is the least contentious option for all.

5. Portable Device Charger

phone-charger Keychain phone chargers are the new keychain flashlight — where were the new keychain bottle openers. Upgrade to a charger that deserves a spot in your tool belt. This one has a built-in Lightning cable (for iPhones and iPads) and can fully charge a phone twice within two-and-a-half hours.

Jackery Bolt, $32.99 from Amazon

6. Customized Tumbler

Screenshot 2019-11-15 17.06.00 It may seem like everyone has a YETI — and they probably do. But do they have a YETI with your company’s logo on it? Unlikely. Let’s change that: Customize a tumbler to make sure you’re top-of-mind every time thirst needs quenching.

YETI Rambler 30-ounce Tumbler, starting at $34.99 from YETI

7. Wool Socks

boot-socks Keep your feet dry and comfortable under those steel toe boots year-round with socks that won’t fall apart. Carhartt socks are beloved for their breathable, abrasion-free comfort. Their cushioned bottoms and arch support will make being on your feet all day slightly less tiring.

Carhartt Cushion Steel-Toe Work Boot Socks (2-pack), $15.99 from Amazon

8. Bluetooth Tracker Stickers

bluetoothsticker Attach one of these tiny (27mm x 7.3mm) waterproof stickers to anything you don’t want to lose — i.e., everything. If you can’t find your item, use your phone to activate the sticker’s ringer and voilà! Turns out, Jimmy had it.

Tile Stickers, $39.99 for two from Tile

9. PopSocket

popsocket PopSockets are the collapsible handles you attach to your smartphone or tablet. Hold them to get a better grip on your device or use them to stand up your device to watch video hands-free. They come in a million different designs and colors, but black and white are the only real option.

PopSockets PopGrip, $9.97 from Amazon

10. Boardgame

boardgame Admittedly, the Fieldwire crew is pretty into games — the founders met while working for a videogame company. We have yet to play Blueprints to confirm it’s fun or in any way representative of a high-rise build. Still, if someone were to gift us this for Christmas, we’d be very stoked.

Z-Man Games Blueprints, $25.97 from Amazon

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