How FORMA 2 saves 1-2 hours of admin work each day with Fieldwire

With Fieldwire’s construction management app, engineering consulting firm FORMA 2 digitize and standardize its reporting process to save engineers at least one hour of admin work each day. Learn how.


  • Services: Engineering consulting, project management, construction supervision
  • Annual turnover: $1,227,163
  • Number of employees: 25
  • Number of projects: 638
  • Notable project: The University of Latvia House of Science

Before Fieldwire

Engineering consulting firm, FORMA 2, was using a combination of paper and random products. Even worse, no two employees followed the same process to get work done.

“Before Fieldwire, things like reports took so much time. Gathering information on site and then creating reports back on office is not the way to go. Every engineer had their own way of working that was easiest and best for them.”

Rolands Zustrups, Civil Engineer, FORMA 2

During site visits, engineers would carry loads of paper files around with them. Once in the office, they’d need to go back through the files to create a report and upload it to various locations.

“It was too slow and not accurate. Someone suggested Fieldwire to me and I realized we could do this faster.”

With Fieldwire

Tedious processes and boxes of files are a thing of the past. With Fieldwire, FORMA 2 is able to digitize and standardize its reporting process to save engineers at least one hour of admin work each day.

“When we’re onsite, we can access our plans and get our reports done within a few minutes. It’s so easy and smooth. I would say this saves us at least an hour a day, maybe two.”

Rolands Zustrups, Civil Engineer, FORMA 2

Best of all, it’s not only FORMA 2 that is benefiting from Fieldwire. Rolands said: “The general contractors we work with have seen value in the product.” So much that external stakeholders choose to use Fieldwire to communicate with FORMA 2 onsite. This way, everyone stays on the same page and important information can’t slip through the cracks.

“It would be hard to convince me that there’s a better solution than Fieldwire. Even though it’s only been two years, I feel like we’re 10 years ahead. I’m 100% sure we’ll still be using Fieldwire in three years, probably differently than today.”

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