Manage firestop documentation in Fieldwire

Fieldwire’s construction management software helps firestop contractors document and report firestop applications.

Seamless setup

Create your Fieldwire project and upload relevant firestop documents in a matter of minutes

Clear documentation

Log firestop locations and document installation using Fieldwire's web and mobile apps

Effortless reporting

Monitor progress, approve installations and generate reports with just a few clicks

Project setup from the office

Setup the project and upload Firestop systems

Create your project and upload relevant Firestop documents.

  • Utilize a submittal builder (e.g.: Hilti Firestop selector) to pick the relevant systems for your project.

  • Upload the systems to your Fieldwire project or connect your SharePoint or Google Drive to the project to automatically sync all relevant documents.

Documentation in the field

Create Firestop locations

Easily log firestop locations from mobile or web in Fieldwire.

  • Create a task for the application you are firestopping using the location pin.

  • Name (Title) the Firestop location/penetration. (type or voice to text)

  • Optionally, add a category to easily track and review all firestop related tasks.

  • Optionally, add a checklist to ensure consistency in installation and reporting.

  • Once the first task is set up, simply clone it to create additional firestop locations in your current work area.

Note: Depending on your workflows, these steps can also be performed in the office using the web platform and then assigned to your field crews.

Document the Firestop installation

Effortlessly document and monitor firestop installations from your mobile device.

  • Check off process steps to ensure desired outcomes and accurate tracking.

  • Take pictures directly from the app to document the final firestop installation.

  • Easily include UL listing in the documentation.

  • Select the application location and firestop system from dropdown menus to finalize the documentation.

  • Move the task to 'done' and assign it back to the office for approval. (alternatively, tasks can be approved via mobile as well)

Approval and reporting from the office

Approve Firestop applications

Monitor installation progress and approve Firestop installations in real-time.

  • Review documentation and approve installations with just a few clicks from either the web or mobile platform.

Firestop documentation report

Send status updates or project closeout reports to relevant stakeholders.

  • Generate detailed reports with checklists, photos, UL systems, and location markers.

Manage firestop documentation with Fieldwire

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