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Easy plan upload

Upload your plans in batch with Fieldwire; Stop wasting hours on manual inputs.

Intuitive markups

Record all of your redlines & markups in one place; Share your drawings for everyone to see.

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Automated version control

Keep your team up to date; Ensure everyone is always working from the right drawings.

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“Antes de usar Fieldwire, la elaboración de informes y la subida de fotos llevaban entre 10 y 15 horas por informe por semana, lo que representaba el 70 % de nuestro tiempo en la oficina”.

Kylie Schalz, Ingeniera Sénior de Fuse

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Maneja la documentación con facilidad

Eliminate busy work

Architects, engineers, and consultants can upload unlimited plans and let Fieldwire handle the rest. No more wasted hours or manual inputs required! With Fieldwire’s architectural software, all detail callouts, page names, and links are handled for designers automatically.

Automate version control

When designers import a new set of drawings, they automatically supersede older versions so that every team is always working from the right drawings. However, previous versions can always be accessed and compared using Fieldwire’s overlay function. Additionally, compare totally different drawings such as engineering and architectural plans.

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Streamline reports and inspections

From their phone or tablet, engineers can drop a pin onto a plan, type a message, or snap a photo to record any observations or issues. Then, instantly create and send a PDF inspection report when they’re back in the office and format it with their company logo.

Collaborate with the field team

If an architect or engineer is sent a message from the field, they will receive a notification in real-time, allowing them to quickly respond to questions and stay up-to-date on progress from the office. Fieldwire’s instant alerts and messaging feature means no issue or question goes unnoticed and information won’t get lost amongst emails!

Use Fieldwire construction software on mobile, tablet and desktop

Collaborate with owners and contractors

Whether you’re in the design or construction phase of a project, record and share all of your redlines and markups on one set of drawings for everyone to see. Collaborate with owners on designs and keep contractors up to date on changes.

Stay on top of multiple projects

With many projects happening at once, it’s important to have a single source of truth. Fieldwire’s architectural software lets architects and engineers manage unlimited plans and store all information relating to each one, ensuring nothing gets overlooked as multiple projects progress from initial drawings to substantial completion.

The Fieldwire construction document management software is available on all platforms

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