Product Update: Manage Tags, Manage Watchers, and Duplicate Forms on Mobile

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With the new year comes new beginnings, but our New Year’s resolution remains the same: to build the best construction app for the field.

We are thrilled to announce some new features on iOS/Android, including the ability to manage tags, manage watchers, and duplicate forms on mobile!

(Note: You’ll need to download the latest version of the Fieldwire app from the App Store or Play Store in order to see these changes.)

Manage tags on mobile

From tagging a damaged carpet tile task that needs #rework and #drywall to a safety walk task for a #client and #building4, you can now easily manage tags on mobile from the field.

task tags

With this new update, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create new tags, add and remove existing tags, and search for tags on mobile.

Manage watchers on mobile

Do you ever need to easily notify a client to sign off on some color palette ideas and communicate any progress updates? Or ensure a colleague is aware of the fire marshal visit next week for an upcoming fire alarm test? Now, you can do so on the go!


Adding project team members as watchers means they’re always notified of the latest task update to quickly resolve any questions or issues, and monitor task progress.

With this new update, you’ll be able to easily add and remove watchers, as well as search for watchers on mobile.

Duplicate forms on mobile

Tired of creating a brand new daily report every day from scratch, only to add a few updates from yesterday? Now, you can easily duplicate forms on mobile!

Duplicating a form on mobile will copy its contents over to a new form, with the following exceptions: weather (if applicable), signature(s), photos, and files. The duplicated form’s status will also automatically default to its first status (or “Draft” for our default templates).

duplicate form

In building this new capability, you’ll notice that we also consolidated other existing actions into the new forms menu, including the ability to export a form and delete a form.

We’ve also released a few smaller updates worth mentioning, including:

  • Single plan export of old versions (Web)
  • Home dashboard project search (iOS/Android)
  • Shift dates of a single task or a batch of tasks (Web)

For a full list of new features and updates, check out our support page. If you have any ideas for future Fieldwire enhancements, please email us at or submit a request. We’d love to hear from you!

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