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From small improvements to big releases, our teams are always working to make the Fieldwire app better for our users. In the last few months, we have worked on a lot of product updates to make construction management easier for teams in the field and at the office. Here are some of our newest additions to Fieldwire’s construction management software that will help you increase your productivity.

Assign RFIs and Submittals to email addresses

Assign To Email product update Q3 2023

Subcontractors and GCs managing RFIs and Submittals internally can now input an email address into the “assignee” field instead of a Fieldwire user. This allows Business Plus users to easily interact with stakeholders outside of Fieldwire, while still keeping track of all communication within our project management tools. This update is available on the web app.

Lead company setting for RFIs and Submittals

Lead Company product update Q3 2023 By designating themselves as “Lead company” in Fieldwire, project owners will no longer have to worry that their subs will send RFIs or Submittals directly to the architect. This setting allows owners to be the only company that non-lead companies can send RFIs or Submittals to. This new feature allows users to have greater control on workflow when using Fieldwire for project management.

Markup summaries

Users on a Pro plan and above can now easily conduct takeoffs using Fieldwire. From the Plans tab, or while viewing a single plan, go to the “Actions” menu and select the new "Export markup summary" option to generate a CSV with a row for each markup on the selected plan(s). Use this CSV to filter by markup type or attribute, and count or sum those markups. This way, project managers and engineers can check their counts and measurements against what they were given, and use this information to determine the change of scope in plan revisions for change orders.

Photo restore

Accidentally deleted a photo? No need to panic! Deleted photos will now appear in the trash tab, and like Plans or Tasks, Photos can be restored for up to 30 days after deletion.

Account checklists

Users can now easily view and create task checklists in the Account “Templates” tab, and import these into any of their projects. This feature will help you standardize processes across projects.

Markup selection tool and batch editing markups

Batch edit markups - drag and click - gif When previously using Fieldwire, you had to move and edit your markups one at a time. Now, using the Selection Tool, you can select, move, and delete multiple markups all at once. This includes the ability to change the color, opacity, and thickness of multiple markups, which can save you time on a day to day basis.

Project filters

filter projects product feature

On the Project Dashboard on Web, you will now see a “Filter projects” button next to the “Sort” button. Clicking on it will open a window with filter options like project label or account owner so you can quickly and efficiently find the project most important to you at the moment. The option to view your archived projects is now also found in the filter menu.

High resolution plan viewer V2

Back in February, we released the long awaited high resolution plan viewer, allowing users to view finer plan details as they zoom in. Now, we’ve doubled the resolution so users can see small details when zooming in on large and extra large plans. All projects created after August 30th will benefit from this feature.

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