CEME – Electrical engineering

French electrical and HVAC contractor CEME uses Fieldwire to effectively coordinate its projects between the field and the office

CEME in figures

  • Employees: 700
  • Projects: 1600
  • Sectors of activity: electrical, climatic and maintenance engineering

Each week, CEME teams are present on 2 or 3 different sites. The adoption of Fieldwire has made life easier for teams in the field and in the office.

Before Fieldwire

Prior to using Fieldwire to manage their projects, Lucas Sabrié, performance manager, felt that CEME had little or no operational control over the business.

At first, field technicians were reluctant to use a construction software, fearing that using the application would create a greater workload in the field and in the office.

Eventually, the field teams gradually realized that Fieldwire reduced the risk of forgetting important elements in daily tasks: photos, procedures, site documents...

With Fieldwire

CEME has created a hundred projects on Fieldwire. Paul Teyssier, project manager, can thus track all the tasks of the technicians on the 2 or 3 sites that he manages every day. He can check forms on the platform to make sure nothing has been forgotten. If there is a default or omission, they can communicate in real time with workers in the field, who correct the error, update the form instantly and can close the task directly.

CEME Alkantara *Photo : CEME / Alkantara *

Thanks to Fieldwire being used by account managers and field teams, Lucas Sabrié, performance manager, can collect data to feed dashboards and track operational activity. They were thus able to map their projects: both in terms of regions and in terms of types of work. It can then define CEME’s development roadmap based on field data.

“With Fieldwire, we can finally get a clear idea of our operational activity.”

Lucas Sabrié, Performance Manager

The Verdict

After the learning phase to master the forms and tasks on the platform, Kevin Raveaud believes that Fieldwire saves him a lot of time on a daily basis.

“It's a real time saver.”

Kevin Raveaud, Field Technician

AdobeStock 383516904 According to Paul Teyssier, Fieldwire’s construction software centralizes information and makes it accessible to everyone, powering a much easier collaboration. Using Fieldwire has enabled them to perform more effective inspections and thus reduce the number of back and forths with the field.

“Everything we had in place before is finally brought together in one tool.”

Paul Teyssier, Project Manager

Now that the Fieldwire construction app has been adopted by the CEME teams, they can no longer work without it and the project manager will encourage everyone to use it!

Check out CEME's video testimonial CEME video

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