Construction management software for the field


Fieldwire's mobile and web based construction management software bridges the gap between the field and the office team. Our construction project management software gives your team the tools to execute day-to-day while keeping the long term project plan in sight.
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Construction management for the field

Construction is a task driven business and our construction project management software makes sure that people know precisely what they need to do. All the tasks in a project are organized around plans and trades. It makes it easy for engineers, supers and foremen to stay on top of things and optimize their work for the next 2-3 weeks.
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Fieldwire’s construction management software allows you to keep tabs on everything vital to your project. Our mobile and web based construction software keeps your team in the field connected on all core use cases: plan viewing, punch list, scheduling & reporting.

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Mobile task management

Construction management tools on a construction site are all about speed. Our construction app brings structure and clarity to your project while beating the speed of paper, Excel and Outlook combined. Create and assign tasks at the speed of light and start sharing files, photos in seconds with one of the best construction management software out there.
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Our mobile & web based construction management software allows you to easily assign work no matter where you are. You can set a priority, category, due date, and assignee to each chunk of work. That way you can operate in flux and yet stay on top of task progress.

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Scheduling and priorities

Our construction scheduling software seamlessly supports both. Depending on the size and phase of your project, your team will need to switch between a due-date and a priority system when assigning work to subcontractors. You can now manage your 3-week look ahead construction schedule and your construction punch list in the same app.
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Fieldwire’s construction software provides an efficient, intuitive way to manage your tasks. You can plan ahead for every trade and run your meetings in a clear, visual way. Our construction management software gives you an edge when it comes to scheduling & tracking work on a daily basis.

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Tracking man-hours and cost

Optimizing labor on-site starts with having an accurate picture of what is happening on your project. When completing a task, subcontractors can use the mobile app to report the amount of manpower that was used as well as any cost incurred performing the task. It's easy to manage labor and track manpower when everything is recorded in our construction management software.
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Fieldwire’s construction management system makes it possible to accurately track costs accrued and hours worked every time a task reaches completion. You can even make this mandatory in your project settings.

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Importing tasks from the project plan

Our construction management software is the cloud version of a foreman meeting. The goal is to translate the project plan according to the reality of the field. Our construction scheduling software makes it effortless to import thousands of tasks through Excel. You can then document and shuffle them around until you have the next 3 weeks planned for your construction project.
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Once your tasks have been imported into your Fieldwire project, our construction management software makes it simple to prioritize, organize, and designate each job to your team. You can monitor every task based on priority or in calendar view to assess the best way of sequencing the work to be done.

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