Carpe Domi - Interior Renovation

Carpe Domi has 100% of its employees using Fieldwire, making the closeout process 4x faster, and strengthening communication between the design and construction teams.

Carpe Domi - Interior Renovation

Carpe Domi is a young refurbishment and architecture company based in the Paris area. Founded in 2013 by Florent Litzow, a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Ponts and former employee of Lafarge, Carpe Domi is mainly involved in interior renovation projects.

Key Facts

  • Time required to onboard a new person: 15 minutes
  • 100% of employees use Fieldwire
  • Projects: 100

Use Cases

  • Coordinate work more efficiently
  • Punch lists
  • Deliver consistent performance

Everyone at Carpe Domi uses Fieldwire

In order to meet the high demand for its services, the company has chosen Fieldwire for all of its processes across its 25 staff members (including architects, civil engineers, logistics managers, and construction workers). Carpe Domi reached an average of 40% annual growth over each of the past 5 years though a combination of its high quality bar together with the productivity gains offered by Fieldwire.

Daily task management

Carpe Domi’s teams make use of Fieldwire for all of their activities. The task management system helps clarify what work needs to be done and identifies the person responsible for carrying it out. Task management is used both for ongoing projects as well as final stage closeout. This closeout phase is substantially simplified thanks to Fieldwire’s punch lists.

Customer Story - CarpeDomi -  Workers

Practically, the foreman creates the tasks and everyone at the company communicates directly on the platform. Carpe Domi also handles inspection reports in Fieldwire. Across all of its projects, Carpe Domi saw a much faster closeout process, from two months to two weeks on average.

The same goes for repairs and minor deficiency interventions. As soon as a request is received, a task is created and then documented with photos taken on site. Once the tasks are completed, reports are edited and sent directly to the project owner from Fieldwire.

“Getting used to the platform is quick and easy. Just 15 minutes is enough for our workers to be operational.”

Florent Litzow, CEO, Carpe Domi

An easy-to-use software

At Carpe Domi, every employee uses Fieldwire, both in the field and in the office. Thus, everyone has a work smartphone. This choice is completely deliberate for Florent Litzow, CEO of Carpe Domi, and justified by the effectiveness of the initial training.

With Fieldwire, it is possible to train an employee in 15 minutes. With an easy-to-use interface, everyone can get started quickly.

Customer Story - CarpeDomi -  Living Room

Enhance communication between the field and the office

Centralizing all the information in Fieldwire enables the construction teams to be always up-to-date. Tasks are assigned in real time and the latest versions of the plans are viewable by everyone. Plan change notifications are sent directly to both the architects and foremen. Thus workers, architects, and foremen all speak the same language and possess the same information at the same time.

“Gathering all the project information on a single platform enables our workers to focus on what’s essential and to spend less time coordinating.”

Florent Litzow, CEO, Carpe Domi

This better coordination provided by Fieldwire translates into significant time savings. Long email threads or phone calls are no longer needed to get missing information or the latest plans. Everyone can then focus fully on their operational mission, which increases the general productivity.

Unending travel is another hindrance to productivity. Since they adopted Fieldwire, Carpe Domi’s foremen have substantially reduced their travel and have therefore freed up time to better manage each project as well as focus on client contact. It has also clear benefits for field teams. Whereas previously deficiencies or omissions required them to go back to the jobsite, Fieldwire helps to ensure that every task has been completed without a need for a site visit. This improves the quality of the work and drives higher client satisfaction.

Customer Story - CarpeDomi -  Team

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