Why Fieldwire is the Best Construction Management Software for Owners

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Construction software for owners

What’s the best construction management software for Owners? Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for traditional, pricey, or slow construction software, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re after modern construction management software that’ll save you time and money, please keep reading...

At Fieldwire, we pride ourselves in having the best construction management software for Owners. Why? Because our technology was built with you in mind. Our team of former construction experts understand how hard it can be to secure multiple contracts and manage various projects without going off track. Which is why our product was specifically designed to keep you on track regardless of your workload.

“Fieldwire definitely helps save time by increasing efficiency and our ability to track information, which translates into saved money. Instead of spending hours going back and forth from the field, I can literally find and share information in seconds.”

Tyler Bashlor, Owner, Strategic Building Services

Beyond the efficiency gains, here are the key reasons why Owners choose Fieldwire over other construction management software, plus some examples of how Owners already use Fieldwire to streamline common construction workflows.

Why Owners Choose Fieldwire

Avoid rework & disputes: Automate sheet versioning and rest assured your team is working from the latest set of plans. Archive and time-stamp all communication for an indisputable record of exactly what was built.

Keep projects on track: Communicate and address issues in real-time to keep projects moving forward. View and markup as-builts regardless of where you are or what device you’re using, even if you’re offline.

Ensure quality on every project: Stay up-to-date with the latest plan change or conversation with real-time alerts on mobile. Export data-rich as-builts which prove the quality of the work completed and ensure you get paid on time.

Understand utilization: Keep track of who did what, when, and why with Fieldwire’s custom forms. Access project analytics to determine how efficient your stakeholders are and who you’d partner with on future projects.

How Owners already use Fieldwire’s Construction Software

For document control: Do you have floor plans rolled up and stored in various places around your office? Or perhaps you have as-built drawings from past projects scattered across multiple hard drives? If you’re nodding along thinking, “yes, that’s me” then you need document management software like Fieldwire.

Fieldwire gives you one place to store and manage unlimited plans and files. You can easily upload plans directly into Fieldwire or sync them from Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive. From there, Fieldwire will automatically name each sheet and highlight potential versioning conflicts, helping you avoid rework and disputes. We’ll even hyperlink to details and callouts, allowing you to easily navigate between different versions. And to ensure you’re never caught working from an outdated plan, Fieldwire will slip-sheet older versions of plans, plus tag each one with a red watermark.

Plan viewing app for owners

In addition to helping you centralize all of your plans and files, we’ll give you various markup and measurement tools to use in the field. These allow you to record actual as-built measurements and/or hyperlink files directly to floor plans. Best of all, Fieldwire’s document management software is available on any device, even without an internet connection, meaning you always have access to the latest information regardless of where you are.

For work order management: Keeping a standardized record of all work order requests is tough because not everyone on the project team follows the same process. For example, some may send RFIs via email while others hand you a physical document to scan and upload. Keeping track of this can be quite painful but also potentially risky. Because if you miss an RFI you risk delaying projects and busting budgets — something you don’t want to do.

With Fieldwire, you can avoid risk by uniting all of your construction forms in one place. You can upload your own forms, customize any of our existing form templates, or create your own from scratch using our online form builder. Fieldwire's online form builder allows you to create unique and modifiable construction forms. You can add fields like the date and weather (which we’ll auto-populate for you), plus a variety of sections including lists, tables, and a signature field.

online form builder for owners

Once you’ve created a form, you can email it to anyone as a PDF or CSV file, regardless of whether they’re using Fieldwire. The best part? Every form you send is automatically stored in Fieldwire for you to access at any time.

For operations and maintenance: Operations and maintenance (O&M) rounds are unavoidable in construction. So it’s important you have an efficient way to carry these out, especially if you’re working on multiple projects at once. It’s also critical that you standardize checks for consistency and keep an accurate record of them to avoid potential disputes.

Using Fieldwire’s app for construction, your team can conduct efficient walkthroughs on any device, plus create checklist templates for O&M rounds to streamline project closeout. Simply create a ‘Task’ using Fieldwire, add a priority level and due date, include your checklist template, and assign it to the right person in the field. From the office, you’ll see exactly when each item is checked off to better understand project progress.

“Fieldwire has saved everyone at least a month’s worth of work. On one property, we have close to 700 notes. If that had been handled using our old methods, that would have taken forever.”

Adam Dolton, Operations Manager, Morguard Residential Properties

So, are you ready to try the best construction management software for Owners? Schedule a demo with one of our helpful Sales reps and see for yourself how great it is. If you have a question about this blog post or something more specific, please contact support@fieldwire.com and we’ll be in touch via email.

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