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Fieldwire's Android app is the ideal tool to bring with you into the field. We created the useful, easy-to-use kind of app that construction workers need to keep them on top of project progress. You can count on our construction app to organize and deliver your data quickly and accurately.

Fieldwire for Android

The best mobile app for drawings

Our Android construction app lets you view all your drawings in high quality and add new versions as you make changes. Organize your drawing sets in folders and access markup tools, hyperlinks, and annotations. Our Android construction app makes it easy to share the latest content with the team.

The best apps for construction are intuitive and tailored to the needs of the contractors out in the field. The best apps for contractors are the ones that take the least amount of effort to operate effectively.

Fieldwire’s Android app was designed with this in mind, so your crew can access the latest construction set at all times. For example, when you upload a new version of a drawing, all the markups and annotations are transferred over automatically.

"You can get everything done in the palm of your hand with Fieldwire because it’s so mobile. We can easily capture data, filter it, tag it, and add notes all while on-site."

Marc Woods, IT Support Technician at Speller Metcalfe

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Full functionality wherever you go

The Android construction app allows you to handle every project issue, RFI, time tracking, and spec directly from your Android device while you're in the field. All our core construction management features work offline. Any new data you add to your project while in the field will sync once the Android app reconnects.

Android apps should work just as fast as iOS apps, so no matter which version of our construction apps you take out with you, you can rest easy knowing Fieldwire has you covered every step of the way.

We want Fieldwire to be the main tool you use when managing your work out on the jobsite. Plan viewing, task managementissue tracking, and communicating with teammates are all possible in the Android app at the push of a button.

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"My binder essentially became my phone, so when I need to bring up data and show it to others, I can do that easily from the phone I’m already carrying.”

Nick Minella, Senior PM, Bear Construction (Interior development, with an annual revenue of over $165M)

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Universal data access

Fieldwire is part of a larger platform (web, tablet, and smartphone) making it one of the best apps for contractors, foremen, and supers to stay on top of project updates as soon as they take place. Our Android app boosts task management and team collaboration enabling you to share drawings, documents, and photos with your colleagues.

Your team needs access to plan sets, task instructions, and project files out on the jobsite, so Fieldwire’s Android app is designed to keep all of that information in your hands both online and offline.

Construction apps that fail to deliver these valuable resources cannot be viable solutions to everyday project management problems, so Fieldwire is built to never drop the ball when it comes to keeping you in the know and enables you to work smarter and faster. We take pride knowing we can offer you the best of all construction apps for Android.

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