Fieldwire Announces Flexible Checklist Tools for Construction Teams

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[San Francisco, CA, May 18, 2020] Fieldwire has announced its custom checklists feature, giving construction teams the tools and flexibility they need to manage their work proactively — anywhere and from any device.

With custom checklists, specialty contractors save time and ensure consistency as they track project progress. Whether you’re preparing for QA/QC, inspections, punch, or any other repeatable process, you can tailor checklists to your specific requirements and then re-use for standardization across all your projects. And since each checklist is built into a Fieldwire task, you'll always have visibility into locations, progress, and questions all in one place — helping you and your team stay ahead of any hiccups and manage the process efficiently.

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Most construction projects involve workflows that get repeated tens, if not hundreds of times. And while manually re-creating checklists is tedious, being unable to modify checklist templates to fit the work at hand results in unnecessary overhead — either wasted effort or back-and-forth to clarify information. With Fieldwire, you can be proactive in managing your team and work by duplicating and adjusting checklists on the fly, keeping instructions relevant and correct every time.

“I tried every type of punch list and project organizing tool I could find, and we stuck with Fieldwire because it really helped improve workforce efficiency.”

Mark Higgason, Executive VP, Encompass AV

Fieldwire, the #1 construction management platform for the field, announces its custom checklists feature, giving construction teams the tools and flexibility they need to proactively manage work — anywhere and from any device. Click to schedule a demo.

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