Fieldwire Announces Account Form Templates to Create Standardization Across All Of Your Projects

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We’ve learned that only 30 percent of your day is spent building things onsite, while 70 percent is wasted on busy work like reporting back in the office. We know this because you’re telling us. Like many craftspeople, you’re frustrated by repetitive processes that tie you to your desk and you want a way to create form templates to speed up project setup.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce the release of account form templates!

Account form templates

Previously, you were limited to either cloning an existing project with your form templates or building them from scratch for every new project. With potentially hundreds of different forms across projects this process could take hours! You’d need to locate a specific form, add it to your new project, and repeat this process until you were finished.

Now, Fieldwire Admins on our Business or Premier plans can create new form templates at the Account-level or easily import existing templates into your new projects. Whether it’s for daily reports, inspections, QA/QC, or timesheets, you can easily select the specific form you want added to the project.

"We have over 120 different ITP forms alone so being able to pick and choose from the Project-level will streamline that process really well."

Laurence Speller, Process Manager & Trainer at Speller Metcalfe

To ensure forms stay consistent across all of your projects, only Project Admins and Account Owners/Managers can publish account form templates. This also ensures standardization across different divisions and locations.

Lastly, with account form templates, there’s no need to create Google Docs to track specific project information or progress. Now, you can invite team members to use a standardized account form template to answer critical questions or provide valuable feedback. As a result, account form templates become your crew’s single source of truth for all forms in the field.

Today’s release of account form templates solidifies Fieldwire as the #1 construction management platform for the field. By standardizing the forms you use on each project, you’ll drive more efficiency and collaboration in the field.

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