Tip: How to Leverage Photos and Videos On Fieldwire

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#17581 Leveraging photos

For some people, my parents especially, taking a photo or video can be quite a struggle. Not to mention the pain that comes with having to add markups, text, or special effects… 🤦

That’s why, at Fieldwire, we’re committed to making your life easier by simplifying processes around photo/video capture and upload.

From adding photo markups and tags to capturing video on Android and iOS, here are the most effective and efficient ways to leverage multi-media content on Fieldwire.

1. Markup photos on mobile to communicate site observations

You already know you can add markups to plans, but did you know you can add markups to photos? In seconds, Fieldwire users can add freehand lines, arrows, and/or text to photos to quickly and clearly communicate an issue, even without an internet connection.

leverage photos

Can’t find your marked-up photos? Marked-up photos will automatically save to the photos tab on Fieldwire for your entire project team to see

Extra tip for iOS users: Simply long-press on a markup to delete it from a photo or edit existing text.

2. Collect GPS coordinates in photos to use in Google Maps

At Fieldwire, we give you the option to collect GPS coordinates on all of your mobile photos. These coordinates are accessible from the photo tab on the web and are linked to an exact location on Google Maps. They’re extremely useful for pinpointing the precise location of a photo and for understanding project progress.

3. Capture 360° photos to document progress

Did you know that Business users can capture 360º photos using Fieldwire? Either link the Ricoh Theta S, Ricoh Theta V, or Ricoh Theta Z1 camera directly to the Fieldwire app and you’re ready to go! The photos you capture can be viewed on both the web and mobile versions of Fieldwire and are a speedy way to track exactly what’s happening on-site.

For more information on how to take 360º photos using Fieldwire, watch this short tutorial.

Extra tip: Project admins and members can upload 360º photos to the photos tab or attach them to plans. Followers, however, can only add 360º photos to tasks.

4. Attach existing photos to recent tasks

Did you know that you can add existing photos in Fieldwire to any task? Simply select the photo, click the ‘Actions’ button, and select 'Attach to Task.' Enter the name of the task in the search box and select 'Attach Photo(s).'

attach photo to task

You can even add photo tags from the 'Actions' menu which will help you group and search for photos more efficiently. Please read this help guide for more information.

Extra tip for web users: To locate photo details in seconds hover over any image with your cursor and the time/date it was taken will appear.

5. Save time by adding videos to tasks

Sometimes, when it comes to adding context to tasks, one photo just isn’t enough. And that’s exactly why Fieldwire enables video! Record and share videos from the field to communicate issues and observations in seconds! Just think of the number of photos you’d need to upload to communicate the same amount of information contained in one video.

For more tips and tricks on how to record a video on iOS and Android, please read this guide.

If you have any questions about this content, please email support@feldwire.com. And don’t forget we have plenty of help guides on other topics available in our resource center.

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