Product Update: Changes to the Project-Level and Account-Level People Tab

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Here at Fieldwire, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with the Fieldwire platform. We heard from a few customers that the People tab on both the Project and Account level was limited in terms of sorting, filtering, and searching. With this in mind, we’ve made some changes that will allow you to do so much more with the People tab, including the ability to perform bulk actions!

Here’s a detailed breakdown on what’s changed with the project and account level People tab and why we designed this to better suit your needs.

Project-Level People Tab Changes

1. We’ve added checkboxes on the left of all your team members, removed the “Connected” button, and added Actions button at top.

We’ve made it super easy to make Bulk changes to your team members’ permission levels. By checking off the box to the left of all your team members you want to change and selecting the “Actions” button at the top, you can easily make adjustments to permission levels or simply remove multiple team members from a project in a couple clicks.

People Tab Actions Menu

2. We removed the profile image entirely.

Profile images were rarely uploaded into Fieldwire by most Fieldwire customers. Given this information, we felt it was better to remove profile images to optimize the space on the People tab for more impactful searching, sorting, and filtering options.

3. We consolidated all permissions into one table. We also added table headers and made them sortable.

In order to make it faster to sort by a team member’s permission level, we removed the separate permission levels on the left-hand side under “Project users.” Now, permission levels are consolidated under the “Access” header on the right-hand side of a team member’s information. Using the arrow key next to the “Access” header, you’re able to quickly see everyone on the project under a specific permission level instead of scrolling down.

You’ll notice the same sorting functionality using the arrow key will apply to the other table headers like “Name, Email, Company, and Phone Number.”

4. We removed the “Actions” button and replaced it with an overflow (3 dots icon) action on the far right.

By removing the “Actions” button and adding an overflow (3 dots icon), we’ve created a more consolidated and seamless look and feel to the People tab.

People 3 Dots Icon

5. We introduced an icon system for all not normal user states.

We’ve introduced a new icon system so you can easily see important information about each team member, including whether or not they are a paying Fieldwire user and if there was an issue with their Fieldwire invitation (an email address was incorrect on the invite, for example).

People Tab Error Icon

6. We moved email addresses into its own column next to the “Name” header.

We created a separate column next to the “Name” header so you can easily and quickly sort by team member email addresses.

People Tab Email Column

Account-Level People Tab Changes

1. We removed the separate sections for permission levels (similar to the project-level People tab).

On the account-level People tab, you’ll notice a similar breakdown as the project People tab which includes the removal of separate sections by permission level.

2. We’ve added in the number of team members in each permission level at the top of the People tab.

On the account-level, you’ll see who is an “Account Owner”, “Account Manager”, “Account User”, and “Project User” as well as the actual number of team members with those permissions on your account.

Account-Level People Tab Count

3. We added additional sorting functionality at the top of the page.

We’ve made it easier to quickly jump to the information you need about your Fieldwire team members. You can now use additional sorting functionality to search for team members alphabetically, by permission level, or using keywords or phrases in the search bar.

Account-Level People Tab Filter

For more information on the changes to the account-level and project-level People tab, reference this help center article here.

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