Fieldwire is free for small teams
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Questions about which plan is right for you?

Reach out to us at and we'll figure out what would work best for your team.

How does pricing work?
Premium account pricing is based on the number of users per project per month. So whenever you add or remove a user from your project, your billing will be adjusted to reflect that. You can add or remove any user whenever you want to.
Why is annual better than month-to-month?
An annual premium plan sets the price per user cheaper than the month-to-month option, saving you the cost of over 2 months in comparison. If you're happy with Fieldwire, an annual plan ensures you'll never be left without our support - and you'll save money!
Can I adjust my account plan at any time?
Yes, you can switch back to a free plan at any time! You have complete control over your account, and anytime you switch between plan types, your billing will be prorated accordingly.
How does Fieldwire save me money elsewhere?
With Fieldwire, you'll save valuable resources (time, money, effort) by significantly reducing rework, confusion, wait time, printing costs, and day-to-day inefficiency. Your project will run smoother and all data will be immediately accessible at any time.